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are responsible for way more than just prospecting. 


Sales development rep responsibilities encompass a variety of activities nowadays, leading to both diversification of their skillset and depletion of their prospecting time.

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The plethora of new sales tools and tech on the market can make prospecting easier, faster, and more effective, but some can also swamp SDRs and their managers with menial tasks.


of SDRs 

are still spending over
 2 hours per day on administrative tasks.


Tech talk

Marc Gasso

SDRs have hundreds of strategic decisions to contend with throughout their day like: Which pitch should I use, which buyer persona is the most likely to turn into a meeting? The SDR role is more strategic than ever, and there’s no time for admin tasks – which is where sales tech needs to come in.”

Behind the pitch

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| CMO at Bloobirds


Sarah Hicks

When SDRs act like true individual contributors without guidance from or collaboration with their teams, information is siloed. Updating sales cadences themselves falls within the purview of the SDR role, but working on improving pitches and messaging should be a team effort involving management.”

|  SDR Manager at Predictable Revenue



of those 

in the SDR function are on their own when it comes to messaging.


Aaron Ross

Researching, qualifying, content-creation, problem-solving, negotiating, closing, and account management, are not all responsibilities that should just fall on SDRs. One of the biggest productivity killers in sales is a lack of specialization.”

Aaron Ross

| Author of best-selling book Predictable Revenue


As the SDR position evolves, a lot of experimentation is being done on the messaging and call script front. But SDRs are often shouldered with that responsibility, causing data siloes. 

Get the benchmarks and guidance you need for managing a modern SDR team.

Get the benchmarks and guidance you need for managing a modern SDR team.

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|  Author of best-selling book Predictable Revenue
Marc Gasso
| CMO at Bloobirds
|  SDR Manager at Predictable Revenue
Sarah Hicks

How much time per day do you spend on admin tasks?

Who updates your sales cadences?

How do you work improving or updating your pitches/messaging?


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