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Join us for an exclusive interview with the author of The Sales Development Playbook herself, Trish Bertuzzi. Take in Trish’s expert insights on all things sales development – strategy, productivity & performance, process, technology, and tools. Her tactics have helped hundreds of clients launch strategies that drive bigger deals in even bigger companies. We got her advice on how to adapt your sales development strategy to a changing and challenging market.


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How to create relevant messaging and respond strategically to a market that's changing daily.

Supporting your SDRs with their changing roles and needs, and managing a fully remote sales development team.

How to build pipeline while being empathetic, creating real personal connections, and doing personal team check-ins.

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Toni Perez

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Having scaled several SaaS ventures to international success, Toni is one of Europe's most renowned experts for B2B sales, outbound, and marketing. He previously served as CMO and VP of Product at Red Points and Marketing Director at UserZoom.

Trish Bertuzzi

Author of the Sales Development Playbook

Trish founded The Bridge Group to help B2B technology companies build world-class inside sales teams. Since 1998, they’ve helped over 400+ companies build, expand and optimize sales development and inside sales teams. 

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Trish Bertuzzi author of

Trish Bertuzzi author of

“Trish’s sales development framework helped me scale another SaaS from 1 to 10 million ARR in only 18 months. She’s basically my hero!“

Trish Bertuzzi author of