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Bloobirds automates and elevates your current CRM. Getting started with this total game-changer for your sales team is easy.

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Signs your company might need Bloobirds

Your sales team's messaging isn’t ideal and doesn’t portray your product or service’s value.

Your salespeople aren’t calling or emailing leads enough

You don’t have enough reliable data from your CRM to help you make better decisions.

Opportunities are forgotten in the CRM and without next steps

The CRM doesn’t help on organizing the pipeline & managing the process, so you have free riders / free stylers.

Bloobirds is useful for both managers and salespeople


Never forget another follow-up

Bloobirds alerts sales reps of everything a lead does in real-time, so they’ll never miss anything. Email opens, clicks, and replies, content downloads, and missed calls – they’ll know about it right away.


Collect better data with less effort

Bloobirds takes over after each lead interaction and asks for the necessary data according to the type of lead and correspondence. It’s like having a conversation instead of filling out long, complex forms.


Help reps become more effective

Bloobirds transforms your pipeline into tasks, pushing your team for more outreach activities on more channels. We’ll ensure that no lead or opportunity is left behind.


Less admin work, more selling

Bloobirds automatically registers every result and activity, including call recordings and data entries. Reduce admin tasks without giving up on getting quality data from your market.


Give the best pitch to every prospect

Bloobirds suggests the best message depending on each specific leads, moment, and channel. Effortlessly maximize the relevance and personalization of every conversation and convert more leads into opportunities.

Finally, a solution made just for you

CRMs aren’t built for assisting sales reps, and well those sales engagement tools, are just tools.

Neither a CRM...

Hacking your current CRM is costly, time-consuming and resource-draining. Your sales reps need a system that actually helps them sell more and better, not just a database to fill out.

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nor a sales engagement platform.

Sure, we’ve got all the basics covered – native dialer, sequences, and email automation. But that’s only 20% of the victory. Scalable success comes from real-time assistance built around your unique strategy.

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