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Make your sales development team more

Bloobirds' end-to-end prospecting platform guides your sales development team from target account to qualified sales opportunity.

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We fit right in to your current sales stack

Bloobirds links the whole opportunity generation process together

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Get the results that your reps deserve

Turn your squad into a high-performance machine and gain back hours of your day.

Guide your team to glory

with straightforward task assistance

Intuitive prompts and friendly reminders guide your sales development reps from one task to the next, helping them follow your playbook and act as one consistent unit.

Cut onboarding time in-half

Your reps will know exactly what to do and when – leaving you to concentrate on the big picture stuff.

Book more, quality meetings

Help your SDRs flow from one job-to-be-done to the next, following your best plays and go-to-market strategy, without even realizing it.

Stop babysitting your SDRs

Better results, more data, less effort

Keep your team focused on prospects instead of overwhelmed with tedious admin stuff and say good-bye to dashboards filled with wonky data from forgetful SDRs.

Collect accurate data at the opportune moment

When your rep hangs up the phone, Bloobirds asks for the results according to the insights you need. We’re kind of like your Sales Ops’ Fairy Godmother.

More prospecting, less admin

Don’t see any ugly forms to half-heartedly fill out? That’s by design. Keep your reps engaged through a conversational user experience.

Put your playbook into action

Get the right message, to the right person, at the right company

Don’t let your sales playbook be a random Google Doc everyone’s forgotten about. Drag and drop your strategy straight into Bloobirds.

Build your strategy into every activity

Bring your ideal customer profile, target markets, and business scenarios to life inside our pre-built data model – no custom SFDC hacks to worry about.

Laser focus your team

Precise account targeting, enriched lead research, and real-time pitch assistance will win you more A+ meetings.

Improve your strategy as you go

Pre-built dashboards provide key insights

Find out which target market has the highest meeting conversion rate, or if it’s time to go after a different buyer persona, and which pitch works best – all without your sales operations team building a single custom dashboard.

Make decisions backed by strategic metrics

Strategic insights

Buyer persona contactability rate

Best pitch per target market

Go-To-Market Validator & nurturing by reason

Pipeline analytics

Revenue Predictor

Cohort analysis

Pipeline Liquidity

Activity insights

Open rates by subject

Template response rates

SDR activity ranking

Make your SDRs 5X more productive

Help your reps do less form-filling and more commission earning. Double high-five.

All-in-one platform

Not only are all of your contactability tools in one place, but easy-to-follow processes and an organized layout support your SDRs.

Real-time Smart Alerts

That triple-A company that just submitted a demo request? Your inbound rep is already on it, thanks to Smart Alerts.

Native LinkedIn Integration

No more copy and pasting. Seamless activity tracking keeps all of your SDRs’ work in one place, offering a full account overview.

Finally, a solution made just for you

CRMs aren’t built for prospecting, and well those sales engagement tools, are just tools.

Neither a CRM...

Hacking your current CRM for prospecting is costly, time-consuming and resource-draining. Make your sales development team more effective with a platform made just for them.

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nor an average sales engagement platform.

Sure, we’ve got all the basics covered – native dialer, sequences, and email automation. But that’s only 20% of the victory. Scalable success comes from real-time assistance built around your unique strategy.

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Ready to see your team triumph?

Cut SDR onboarding time in-half, multiply their results, and drive revenue.