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Sales Empowerment

The next generation of the world’s most successful companies leverage Sales Empowerment Platforms to supercharge their revenue growth.

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What is Sales Empowerment?

The next step beyond sales engagement

A Sales Empowerment Platform integrates with your CRM or ERP to transform it into an intelligent sales assistant.

It’s like having an extra team leader or sales operations on your team, enhancing your sales reps’ efficiency and effectiveness. So, you’ll get more activity and better conversion rates from your salespeople.

The reality is that a CRM is little more than an online database. Even though it’s the backbone of your company and the system of record, it can’t help sales reps to sell more and better. If the CRM is the system of record – the sales empowerment platform is the system of operation.

Signs you need a Sales Empowerment Platform

Here are some signs it’s time to add a sales empowerment platform to your CRM:

Your salespeople are spending too much time updating the CRM and filling it with errors

Your salespeople aren’t calling or emailing leads enough & sometimes opportunities are forgotten

The CRM doesn’t help in organizing the pipeline & managing the process, so you have free riders/freestylers.

Your don’t have enough reliable data from your CRM to help you make better decisions.

Your sales team’s messaging isn’t ideal and doesn’t portray your product or service’s value.

The Four Pillars of Sales Empowerment

The latest technology in Sales Enablement, Intelligence, and Pre-Built Sales Processes rolled into one platform.

Sales Engagement

Take sales engagement platform features one step further

  • Automatically register every activity to your CRM via smooth integrations with phone, email, and LinkedIn.
  • Shift into turbo with a cadence engine that increases activity and contactability while maximizing opportunity follow-ups.
  • Smart-alerts inform you of any incoming activity, like a LinkedIn message or ebook download, in real-time so sales reps can react immediately.

Sales Enablement

Land your Go-To-Market Strategy into something that guides your team daily

  • Deliver the perfect messaging and content for every buyer with a Smart Template content feature.
  • Ask the right qualifying and profiling questions for each specific case so your CRM is plenty of market research data.
  • Get automatic, personalized content suggestions, and always have the perfect collateral to back you up.
Bloobirds sales enablement and messaging

Readymade Sales Processes

Transforms your current CRM from a database into a smart sales assistant

  • Assign the right accounts and leads to the right sales reps with complete pipeline management.
  • Prospect the right amount of accounts and leads with a minimum level of daily activity and communication channels.
  • A full nurturing process helps you understand the whys behind the whats and make the most of your target market.

Sales Intelligence

Gain accurate activity, efficiency, and process quality data, without the extra effort

  • Understand if your reps are targeting the right companies, reaching out to enough leads, and doing enough outreach to get results.
  • Make sure your team uses the perfect pitch for each buyer profile and asks the right profiling and qualifying questions.
  • In a quick glance, find out which opportunites convert more and faster and if you’re generating enough of these opps to meet your goals.
Bloobirds Dashboards

What else to know about Sales Empowerment

How is Bloobirds different from sales engagement or other outreach tools?

Bloobirds is the only all-in-one sales empowerment platform. We’ve combined Sales Engagement, Enablement, Intelligence, and Pre-Built Sales Processes to build the perfect partner to supercharge your existing CRM. 

Not only do we eliminate sales reps and managers’ admin tasks, but we also make selling more intuitive. We help your team flow through their pipeline, all the while collecting crucial data and creating competitive insights.

Is Bloobirds an Outreach alternative?

Yes, Bloobirds is an Outreach alternative. Although it’s a completely different approach and solution than Outreach. Our platform is simple in terms of usability and powerful in terms of results for your team.

Is Bloobirds a Salesloft alternative?

Yes, Bloobirds is a Salesloft alternative. But unlike Salesloft, Bloobirds assists your team with way more than just contactability.

Your entire sales team will work together as a unit with one common goal: to secure more quality opportunities.

Is Bloobirds Sales Empowerment Platform a CRM?

Nope! Bloobirds is a sales empowerment platform that sits on top of Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics, or your CRM of choice to make it more functional for your whole sales team. We’ll seamlessly integrate with your favorite CRM, which remains the backbone of your company’s tech stack. And don’t worry, becauseEvery single piece of Bloobirds data will be transferred to your CRM.

Who uses a Sales Empowerment Platform on a daily basis?

Your entire sales team will use Bloobirds sales empowerment platform: 

  • Sales managers will review pipelines, gain team performance insights, and identify and seamlessly enforce best practices throughout their team.
  • Prospecting reps live inside Bloobirds. It’s their all-in-one tool to book more quality meetings.
  • Sales reps use Bloobirds as their helpful assistant with friendly reminders for next steps and follow-ups – and ultimately, close more deals.
  • Sales Operations managers will gain more quality data. Integrating your CRM is simple, and automatic data collection puts an end to policing your sales reps.


Do my sales reps need licenses for Bloobirds and our CRM?

When it comes to SDRs using Bloobirds you can remove their CRM licenses. For full-cycle sales reps, we recommend that salespeople have access to both Bloobirds and your CRM. However, in both cases every single activity, contact attempt, and piece of data will be automatically transferred to your CRM.

How long does it take to get started with Bloobirds?

Bloobirds takes 1-2 weeks to integrate with your current CRM and get your sales team up and running as users.

Turn your sales team into a systematic revenue machine

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