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Solution for Sales Ops

Go beyond analytics: Ensure quality data registration

Bloobirds assists your sales team in real time so sales ops don't miss a thing. Data and activities are properly registered and the process is rigorously executed.

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Signs your company might need Bloobirds

Data is not properly registered and reports are difficult to run.

You lose data between sales software integrations.

There are no precise values for success metrics for activity, results, efficiency or quality.

Your staff doesn't make calls based on an intensive and systematic approach.

Sales have few or unclear metrics for activity, results, efficiency or quality.

Activity is not automatically registered in your platform.

Ensure quality across the whole process

With Bloobirds, the outbound team is assisted in realtime so they act as a system, and don’t miss a thing. This process ensures quality data registration and generates drill-down reports from quant to qual.

Integrations via API and triggers

Being able to integrate Bloobirds with your platform and ecosystem of solutions is key for a sales organization to be seamlessly integrated with the company’s processes. Bloobirds provides a set of features that empowers sales ops to make that goal real:

  • Bobject API lets your platform interact programmatically with Bloobirds objects like companies, leads, activities, and tasks.
  • Bobject triggers let you customize how Bloobirds platform reacts to events, like a company update or a newly created lead.

Easy to use all-in-one platform

Bloobirds is a sales outbound platform specifically designed for quick and agile onboarding. As an all-in-one platform, forget missing data from other platforms and gain control over the whole process.

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