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Generate more sales with a systematic flow of qualified meetings

Having meetings with the right persona from the right company is half the battle. Bloobirds helps your team generate more meetings that are more likely to convert.

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Signs your company might need Bloobirds

Inbound leads are not properly prospected and the conversion rate of lead to meeting is too low.

SDRs are not prospecting the right personas.

The pitch used is inaccurate and each sales rep uses their own.

Your staff doesn't make calls based on an intensive and systematic approach.

There are no precise values for success metrics for activity, results, efficiency or quality.

You need to ask individual salespeople to understand your sales pipeline.

Orchestrate your sales team

Make your sales process scalable with process and methodology

Convert more target companies into qualified meetings

We know that having meetings with the right persona from the right company is half the battle. That’s why we focus our solution on generating meetings. Creating the right companies, approaching the right persona, and using the right pitch with the appropriate sales cadence are all essential to generate meetings. So, we help you improve on all these critical elements.

Bloobirds helps you have these four elements under control.

Target market creation

Sales pitch

ICP creation

Sales cadence

Connect your marketing and sales teams

Get the best out of your inbound without burning leads or missing good opportunities. Qualifying inbound leads is key to achieving a good conversion rate and Bloobirds helps your team to do it. Only give SDRs inbound leads that belong to one of your ICPs and help your team prospect them with specific pitches based on data populated and activity. Ultimately, increase the conversion rate from inbound lead to a sales opportunity with Bloobirds.

There's only one process and method

When growing your sales team, there’s the risk that each of your sales reps use a different sales playbook. Stop depending on individual talent and make your team act as a system so they all go the same way.

Only by acting as a system you will be able to know what’s not working and why. Is it because the companies prospected don’t belong to your target market? Is it the pitch delivered…?  You name it. Through systematic analysis, Bloobirds helps you detect weak points and suggests ways to improve them.

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