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Solutions overview

Drive more meetings with prospects by assisting your outbound team

Assist your outbound team in real time with the proper company strategy and the most effective sales process

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Signs your company might need Bloobirds

You need to ask individual salespeople to understand your sales pipeline.

Your staff doesn’t make calls based on an intensive and systematic approach.

The pitch used is inaccurate and each sales rep uses their own.

Activity is not automatically registered in your platform.

There are no precise values for success metrics for activity, results, efficiency or quality.

Data is not properly registered and reports are difficult to run.

Orchestrate your sales team

Make your sales process scalable with process and methodology

Reduce the gap between your strategy and execution

Centralize your strategy and make sure the whole team is going in the same direction, approaching the same target market, prospecting the right ideal customer profile, and using the right pitch. Assign specific tasks to specific roles and create a workflow that better fits your company.

Create your outbound team

Create your outbound team from scratch or improve the organization of your existing team

Bloobirds helps you create your outbound team by creating roles and assigning tasks from the onboarding process. Allow your team to learn the right outbound methodology while performing their sales job; from qualified pipeline creation to meeting handover.

Bloobirds Platform

Empowers and guides your team through the right process

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Convert more qualified companies into qualified meetings

We know that having meetings with the right persona from the right company is half the battle. That’s why we focus our solution on meeting generation. Finding the right companies, approaching the right persona, and using the right pitch with the appropriate sales cadence are all vital in order to generate meetings. We help you improve on these essential elements.

We allow you to control and predict results with a systematic approach.

Target market creation

Sales pitch

ICP Creation

Sales cadence

Integrations via API and triggers

Being able to integrate Bloobirds with your platform and ecosystem of solutions is key for a sales organization to be seamlessly integrated with the company’s processes. Bloobirds provides a set of features that empowers sales ops to make that goal real:

  • Bobject API lets your platform interact programmatically with Bloobirds objects like companies, leads, activities, and tasks.
  • Bobject triggers let you customize how Bloobirds platform reacts to events, like a company update or a newly created lead.

Get actionable insights, not metrics

Instead of getting metrics like “companies approached last month”, get valuable and detailed insights like “necessary monthly attempts to close a meeting with a company within the fashion industry”

Unlike most CRMs, Bloobirds allows you to easily understand your business with the real insights you need to improve the outbound process. Instead of asking yourself how many calls are your SDRs doing, go for “how many calls for this persona do I need before I get a response?”

Let Bloobirds guide you through the outbound process step by step.

Why should you implement Bloobirds in your company?

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