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Groove, Mailshake,, Yesware, Woodpecker, Mixmax…

There are plenty of sales tools out there, but that’s what they are: tools

There are two options when it comes to the ideal sales tech stack for sales reps:

You can either invest in multiple tools to cover all areas or opt for an all-in-one approach.

Think about it: in terms of Marketing, you can buy one landing page builder like Unbounce, one marketing email tool like Mailchimp and one blog CMS like WordPress, or, just go with HubSpot that does it all. 

We recommend the second option. Why? There is no need to create and maintain countless integrations, plus, the process is smoother and generally cheaper. 

In that sense, Bloobirds is like HubSpot, but for Sales. Everything you need in one place.

Automation & sequences

Replaces Woodpecker, Mailshake, Yesware

Email automation and sequences are covered by many tools. This is an important aspect of prospecting and sales, especially in mature markets and B2B, where it is not unusual that reps automate some of their tasks to increase productivity. 

The problem comes when automation becomes the norm. Rather than being the entire strategy, automation must only be one of the tactics. With Bloobirds, you can integrate automation into your playbook without falling into overgeneralization and burning the market.

Replaces Aircall, JustCall

Phone is and will always be one of the main channels when it comes to prospecting and selling. A powerful dialer is essential for sales representatives, mainly for making and receiving calls (obviously), but also for recording their activity and going through it later with training purposes.

Bloobirds not only covers all of that, but thanks to its pre-built playbook, it actually assists your sales reps and suggests the best pitch depending on your strategy: ICP, Target Market, Scenario… This means your reps will always know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how.

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Smart Pipeline Management

Replaces Excel Sheets, CRMs, Trello

There’s really no such thing as “pipeline management tools” but most likely, you’re going to need a system to keep track of all your companies, leads, opportunities and sales activities.

You might think using basic tools like Spreadsheets or CRMs is the best alternative. But, it’s really not.

Bloobirds is designed to help sales reps and managers organize their pipeline with a powerful and assisted task based system. Instead of endless and clunky to-do lists, Bloobirds tells you what your next step is: which companies or leads need a follow up, which opportunities are pending a next step, which are your forgotten accounts, etc., so you never miss a touchpoint.

In-App Playbook

Replaces PDF, PowerPoint

Bloobirds digitalizes your entire sales playbook. This means your GTM strategy, processes, value prop, pitches, etc., are live and actionable in a single platform. It helps your reps flow from one job-to-be-done to the next, following your sales strategy, without even realizing it. 

If your playbook is just templates you manually have to keep up with, or lives in an old PDF or PowerPoint that your sales reps need to constantly check, you’re in desperate need of an upgrade. 

Loved by every member of the revenue team

Sales reps Never miss another follow-up

What I like about working with the platform, apart from being assisted daily, is the fact that I can actually measure the quality and success of my pitch. By being able to see my conversion rates from meeting to opp, I can see exactly where I need to improve.

G2 User

Enterprise (>1000 empl.)

Sales Operations Get all the data you need, at the right time

I can completely recommend Bloobirds to everyone who wants to achieve greater results in B2B Prospecting while not compromising on quality. So, the usage is very easy, the support is doing a great job and the product thinks B2B Prospecting in a new and different way, which we started to like a lot.

G2 User

SMB (80 empl.)

Sales Managers Built-In Sales Playbook

When you have Sales Development representatives (BDRs or Inside Sales reps) working from home, you need Bloobirds. Specially if you need to onboard new members to the team. The ramp up period for us is critical and we need a prospecting platform that helps SDRs onboard and learn fast.

G2 User

Startup (100 empl.)

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