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Bloobirds' product updates

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Book meetings faster with built-in calendar

Forget about scheduling headaches, time zone confusion and double-bookings. Bloobirds’ new calendar feature makes connecting with prospects easy for reps by eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails and app-switching.


Latest updates


Cut ramp-up time in half with Self-Onboarding

Scale your team faster and more efficiently with the help of Bloobirds’ interactive walkthrough. The Self-Onboarding process ensures new users have all the information they need and provides guidance when they require it, making sure they learn by doing and become full-on sales pros in no time.


Your Sales Playbook, now on LinkedIn too

Having our messaging assistance feature supported on LinkedIn makes prospecting and selling effortless, as it suggests reps the best messaging based on key variables like Target Market, Persona and Scenario – allowing  reps to always know exactly what to say and convert more prospects.



Full Sales ready to go

Our new Sales feature will help sales reps to close more deals and guide them on the follow-up tasks with their opportunities’ next steps. The Sales kanban will also allow to have a quick and easy overview of the upcoming deals.



Boost productivity with Automation

Prospecting and selling have become easier with Bloobirds’ automation feature, as it allows users to create automated emails and add them to their cadences as just another step of the process.


Coming soon

Bulk Actions in lists

As lists get bigger, they also become harder to manage. Bulk actions will allow users to easily make changes without having to import updated objects.

New Calendar feature

Bloobirds’ calendar will get a well-deserved makeover to make event set up a piece of cake.

Self-onboarding improvements

Starting with Bloobirds will now be easier and friendlier for new users, as the self-onboarding feature will be their best ally.

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