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Bloobirds on top of Salesforce

By sitting on top of Salesforce, Bloobirs makes reps use and love the CRM by being a powerful sales engagement platform that layers on top of it and adds the contactability, productivity, content and task management tools that your team needs to close more deals and exceed their sales goals.


Latest updates


New AI applied into Bloobirds' smart email editor

Keep your team precise by getting suggestions on relevant content in real-time, based on the account and lead context and the specific conversation, and add them to your emails with a single click.


Tunnel vision mode

For those sales teams with a large volume of sales tasks, the tunnel vision mode will guide them task by task without changing tabs and losing focus.


All functionalities on LinkedIn

Your team can continue using the familiar interface of LinkedIn while also enjoying all the added benefits of Bloobirds on top of it. Check any past activity from the lead or company before sending any message without having to go back to Saleseforce. Not only that, but you can save any new lead’s information automatically straight into Salesforce without manually introducing it.



Playbook inside the email editor

Build your sales playbook into Bloobirds and use it on top of everywhere thanks to Bloobirds’ smart email editor. You’ll be able to check and use any template while writing an email. This will make your team follow your sales strategy without even realizing it



Cut ramp-up time in half with Self-Onboarding

Scale your team faster and more efficiently with the help of Bloobirds’ interactive walkthrough. The Self-Onboarding process and digital assistants ensure new users have all the information they need and provide guidance when they require it, making sure they learn by doing and become full-on sales pros in no time.

Coming soon

Side peek

The side peek view will enable you to have a bigger view of the bloobirds bubble and don’t struggle with the size of it

Custom tasks

You’ll be able to log your own custom activities and make sure you don’t forget any