Do more, faster

Automate emails, organize your daily tasks, eliminate administrative tasks and finally make the CRM something that helps you!

Cadences: automatically generate tasks

Turn your to-do lists into a seamless & automated system. Receive reminders of tasks that need to be completed each day. Follow-up reminders, pending calls, proposals to send - Don’t let any task be forgotten.

Tunnel Vision mode

Work without distractions with Tunnel Vision mode. Click “start” and a bubble will appear with the first task on your list. Access detailed contextual information on leads/companies without switching applications. As soon as you complete a task, the next one will automatically appear.

Custom Tasks

Customize your cadences to fit your sales process. Add any activity you would normally do as a task to any of your cadences: SMS, in-person visits, adding a contact to LinkedIn, etc.

Keep your pipeline active

Monitor and manage your leads to follow up on & those who are inactive with no future scheduled tasks. With the help of the digital assistant, users are guided through the platform and reminded to interact with leads so they aren’t forgotten!

Automate emails

Implement email automation for the messages that require less personalisation. Take advantage of this feature to improve you and your team's productivity, ensuring you can focus on more strategic aspects of your work. The creation and management of automatic emails is so easy no matter if you’re a CRM admin, manager or completely non-techy.

Automations: save time on administrative tasks

Both Salesforce and Dynamics have a very powerful and sophisticated management console, but the problem is that you need to be an expert user with knowledge of administration of these platforms. If you want to add some automations, you’ll have to 'open a project' or ask the system administrator for help. Bloobirds adds an administration view designed solely and exclusively for managers. Simple, visual, intuitive and also flexible and powerful.

With this, the manager can configure an automation to themselves, for example, make the leads from a certain campaign go to a specific person or team or if a service ticket of a certain type comes in, there’s an automated and immediate response email and is passed to a specific person.