Supercharge your CRM with the Endless Power of AI

In 1 click, Bloobirds adds to your Salesforce and Dynamics Artificial Intelligence features which will transform it into the perfect copilot for your sales team.

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Enjoy the AI without being an AI expert

Enjoy the benefits of cutting edge AI in your new and improved guided and smarter CRM

Transcriptions and notes: Capture Every Word

Transcribe and take notes of every interaction within your CRM.

Call and meeting transcript

Get and easily access your call and meeting transcriptions within Salesforce or Dynamics. Set up the duration to establish what communications should be transcribed. Review the text version of your calls and meetings in a new button in the activity window, any time.

Automatic note-taker

Our automatic note-taking system generates detailed summaries of calls and meetings, eliminating the need to do it manually. So you can focus on the conversation while the AI captures key insights, ensuring you never miss a crucial detail.

Smart Updates and Follow-Ups

Seamlessly update your CRM information and engage with contacts.

CRM update suggestions

Receive recommendations on fields that need to be updated, based on data extracted from meetings or calls. Allow users to review, modify, and save these updates directly to Salesforce or Dynamics from objects such as:

  • Contact.
  • Account.
  • Opportunity.

Follow-up suggestions

Obtain suggestions on which next steps to assign to your leads and contacts, based on previously recorded interactions, to move the conversation forward and ensure closing the deal.

  • Create a specific task.
  • Send a follow-up email.
  • Schedule a meeting.

Smart Content Generation: Your Email Advantage

Introducing our Smart Generation feature, designed to supercharge your email efforts.

Email template creation

With just a few clicks, you can create tailored email templates using our Copilot. Specify filters, company details, and additional descriptions, and watch as it generates customized templates that resonate with your audience.

Real-Time Writing Assistant

It makes your life easier. Whether you need to shorten or expand your content, change its style, or refine your messaging, it’s always at your service, ensuring your emails are on point and impactful. Elevate your email marketing game with ease and efficiency.

Enhanced Decision-Making with AI Insights

Get the data that you need to improve decision-making.

Call and meeting insights

Generate insights from the call or meeting transcriptions divided by sections. Sections also allow customization through our existing prompt templating system.

  • Summary
  • Competitors
  • Questions asked
  • Value fit

LinkedIn profile insights

Visualize the compatibility of the LinkedIn profiles you visit during contact. Bases on your input, you’ll be able to know the percentage of affinity between the account and your ICP.

Enhanced Managerial Oversight

Review all of your reps activities in detail.

Meeting and call analysis

Get in-depth information about reps’ meetings and calls and their qualifications. Navigate through each salesperson activity and review all their interactions with every assigned account.

  • Access recordings and transcriptions.
  • Review meeting summary.
  • Check past activity.
  • Send feedback to your rep.

Meeting rewatch

Access a “Netflix” type of view to dive-dive into your reps meetings as they happened. Get a summary of key moments during the conversation and provide feedback directly from the same window. All of this without leaving your CRM.