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Take Salesforce to the next level

by adding sales and productivity tools

Power-up efficiency in your teams

Get all the tools needed to boost performance in a single place. Call, send and receive messages and emails, schedule meetings, start conversations, automate tasks, or add new companies and leads to your pipeline without switching apps. All of this in one click while all activity is automatically recorded on your CRM. Experience up to 80% increase in productivity.

Top features that help with productivity:


Make and receive calls from your computer or mobile device while keeping track of performance and results. Get access to recorded calls to better monitor outreach efforts.

LinkedIn Extension

Reach out to customers using their favorite social media platform. Pull leads' and companies' information straight from LinkedIn into Salesforce and call, message or start a cadence without leaving the app.

Email automation

Schedule your interactions so you don’t waste time with administrative tasks or personalize your messages with our smart editor feature.


No more scheduling headaches, time zone confusion, and double-bookings! Bloobirds’ makes connecting with people easy by eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails and messages to connect with customers and potential clients.

Obtain a supercharged CRM

Forget about chasing after your reps and customer support agents, to make them fill out endless forms and update the CRM manually. Bloobirds transforms Salesforce into a user-friendly platform with intuitive data collection that increases user engagement.

Top features that help with CRM adoption:

Conversational data gathering

After every single interaction, Bloobirds asks users to report results conversationally and depending on the answers, it suggests the best steps to follow through.

Intelligent setup wizard

Our smart setup assistant will guide first-time users into the platform to make sure they can dive into your CRM functionalities seamlessly.

No more missed opportunities

Our solution improves follow-ups by organizing your pipeline and providing you with full visibility into every lead, opportunity, and account. We transform the classic CRM passive lists into dynamic workflows so users can stay updated on their daily tasks.

Top features that help with follow-up:

Task manager

No more memory-based follow-ups. We turn plain task lists into a seamless system that reminds users about which tasks they need to complete daily.

Pipeline Revival

Bloobirds detects leads, companies, and opportunities that are either in nurturing stage or inactive and reminds users to contact them so they don’t “die” into oblivion.


Keep your outreach consistent and precise by combining manual and automated tasks.

Smart Alerts

Keep an eye on all your activities as they happen and without missing a single touchpoint, get a notification so you’re updated and reminded of duties.

Enhance your interactions

Increase engagement and conversion with our AI-powered Smart Content Suggestion features. Our platform provides users with real-time content suggestions so they can keep their messaging on topic, based on the type of interaction, account, or lead.

Top features that help with content:


Say goodbye to Powerpoints and Excel sheets. Build your sales playbook into Bloobirds and let your team follow your sales strategy without even realizing it.

Smart email editor

Bloobirds suggests the best sales pitch, marketing content, and snippets based on key variables like target market, personas, and scenarios. Reps will know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how.

“What I like about working with the platform, apart from being assisted daily, is the fact that I can actually measure the quality and success of my pitch. Being able to see my conversion rates from meeting to opportunity, I can see exactly where I need to improve.”

Enterprise (>100 empl.) | G2 user

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“I can completely recommend Bloobirds to everyone who wants to achieve greater results while not compromising on quality. The usage is very easy, their support team is doing a great job and the product is just amazing, which also helps a lot.”

SMB (80 empl.) | G2 user

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“If you have a sales team working from home, you need Bloobirds. Specially if you need to onboard new members to the team. The ramp up period for us is critical and we need a platform that helps reps onboard and learn fast.”

Startup (100 empl.) | G2 user

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