Take Salesforce to the next level

by adding productivity tools for your sales and services teams

Product Summary

Our software integrates with Salesforce as an "additional layer" that allows sales reps to access the best tools and functionality they need to turn your Salesforce into an omnichannel productivity tool

Uniting dialer, email, Linkedin & Whatsapp in Salesforce

Make calls, send and receive emails, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp messages without leaving Salesforce. All activity is recorded automatically.

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Linkedin
  • Whatsapp
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Your Salesforce smarter with AI

Access the limitless power of AI, right inside Salesforce. In 1 click, Bloobirds adds Artificial Intelligence features that will transform it into the perfect copilot for your sales and services team.

  • Comms transcriptions
  • Update suggestions
  • Smart content generation
  • High-value insights
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Your tasks organized instantly

Bloobirds will remind your sales team’s daily tasks. Opportunities, contacts, or follow-ups will never be missed again!

  • Task Management
  • Inactive Account follow-up
  • Cadences / Workflows
  • Smart Alerts
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x5 times more data effortlessly

Increase data points collected on user interactions thanks to our user guidance. Reduce Salesforce training and onboarding time by 82%.

  • Activity tracking
  • Guided data collection
  • Dashboards
  • Wizards
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Write the best email in seconds

Help your sales reps better connect with their current contacts. Increasing the use of content makes your communications 68% more relevant.

  • AI Smart Content Suggestion
  • Templates & Snippets
  • Similar deals won
  • Calendar view
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Your sales tools on top of Linkedin too

Bring your sales and services tools to the business social network par excellence. Check activities, opportunities, and contracts. Create contacts and accounts in one click. Register all your activity in Salesforce without leaving LinkedIn.

  • Make calls and send messages
  • Create cadences
  • Edit contact details/information
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“What I like about working with the platform, apart from being assisted daily, is the fact that I can actually measure the quality and success of my pitch. Being able to see my conversion rates from meeting to opportunity, I can see exactly where I need to improve.”

Enterprise (>100 empl.) | G2 user

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“I can completely recommend Bloobirds to everyone who wants to achieve greater results while not compromising on quality. The usage is very easy, their support team is doing a great job and the product is just amazing, which also helps a lot.”

SMB (80 empl.) | G2 user

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“If you have a sales team working from home, you need Bloobirds. Specially if you need to onboard new members to the team. The ramp up period for us is critical and we need a platform that helps reps onboard and learn fast.”

Startup (100 empl.) | G2 user

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