Your CRM, now on WhatsApp

Ideal for B2C. Extract company and contact information directly from WhatsApp to Salesforce or Dynamics and run the sales process without leaving the WhatsApp API.

Review and update Salesforce and Dynamics without leaving WhatsApp

Bloobirds increases the efficiency and productivity of sales and service teams by eliminating the need to switch between different platforms. Get a quick view of all details, activities & opportunities and you can edit any of them without leaving LinkedIn.

Do all your tasks from WhatsApp

No need for memory-based follow-ups, as we transform simple to-do lists into a seamless, automated follow-up system, all from WhatsApp.

This tool reminds you of the tasks you need to complete each day, ensuring that all opportunities are followed up.

Turn your favorite application into a sales and service tool

Bloobirds turns WhatsApp into the only tool reps need by integrating all the communication, productivity and task management tools where they spend their time.

Call, send messages, create a sequence, schedule a meeting or an automated email, all from WhatsApp.

Create new contacts and companies with one click

Bloobirds eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically extracting contact and company information from WhatsApp and registering it in Salesforce and Dynamics.

At the same time, all contact and company data that is added directly to the CRM can also be accessed from WhatsApp, giving users a 360-degree view. All this without switching tabs.

Al mismo tiempo, todos los datos de contactos y empresas que se agregan directamente al CRM también se pueden acceder desde WhatsApp, brindando a los usuarios una vista de 360 grados. Todo esto sin cambiar de pestañas.

Find your playbook everywhere

You can find your playbook on WhatsApp. Every time you open a chat with someone, a little Bloobirds icon will pop up and suggest the best templates to use with that specific lead.

WhatsApp Business vs. WhatsApp Personal

WhatsApp Personal is the standard version of the application used for personal communications between friends and family. In contrast, WhatsApp Business is a version designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, offering additional tools such as verified business profiles to facilitate customer communication and business management. Bloobirds can integrate with either application.