Turn your CRM into the ultimate ally for prospecting

Centralize your communication channels and sales content to achieve better results in your sales processes. Automate tasks to generate more opportunities.

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Your sales cannot be closed in a first call and it's necessary to divide the process in three steps: First, generate a list of companies and leads. Second, establish a first contact to schedule a meeting and finally, take the meeting to the closing of the contract. Leads and companies are generated through listings (already in Salesforce, Dynamics, or external), Linkedin or other databases. In many cases the sales team is divided in two: Part of the team generates qualified meetings (right person from the right company) and the other part of the team takes the meeting to closing.

Key elements for prospecting

Minimize contact time

If the lead has been generated by Inbound, minimize the time between form completion and contact call.

Create and review contacts from LinkedIn

If I am looking to generate accounts and leads, it is essential to be able to create them in Salesforce or Dynamics from LinkedIn, being able to see if they already exist, what status they are in and who owns them.

Increase contact probability

In general, we usually work between 2 and 4 leads per company, depending on the size of the target company. This increases the probability of contact.

Multi-channel outreach

Once the account and leads/contacts are created, start a multi-channel contact process (phone, mail, LinkedIn messages and even WhatsApp) that maximizes the probability of contact, ensuring that a minimum number of times are insisted.

Maximize relevance

In case of contact, follow the appropriate script according to industry, buyer persona, etc. to maximize the relevance of the message.

Quick access to content

Have the content you need to answer any question.

Improve qualification

Ask qualification questions, so that the quality of the lead can be inferred and contact and profiling data can be completed.

Easier meeting closure

Close the meeting, being able to see your own or the vendor's calendar (in case it is someone else doing the meeting).

Easy to complete administrative tasks

Complete the administrative tasks necessary to formalize the closing of the meeting.

This is how we optimize your CRM

We give you the innovation you need to power your Salesforce and Dynamics. Increase productivity and get better data to make good decisions.

60% Increase in Productivity

  • Navigation speed in Salesforce and Dynamics is five times faster. Company or contact views show all past activity, plus all incoming activity is accessible from your CRM in a single inbox for a one-click response.
  • Bloobirds brings Salesforce and Dynamics to LinkedIn and Whatsapp. This allows you to create accounts and leads in your CRM in just one click and also work through the entire sales process without leaving the platforms.
  • All tasks are organized and presented to the agent based on priority. Contact tools are accessible in one click and their activity is automatically reported in Salesforce and Dynamics.

Up to 80% reduction in training time

  • Assistance is guided during the follow-up of contacts and opportunities, through pre-configured and customizable cadences. Agents will know when and whom to contact.
  • Information collection and field updates are done automatically. Agents will save time by knowing what to report and when to report it in a guided manner.
  • Content suggestions based on the customer’s profile or preferences. Depending on the context, Bloobirds suggests which documents or messages to send within the mail editor.

Ensure consistency in follow-up by 95%

  • Use of pre-configured cadences to establish the follow-up plan and let sales agents know their tasks at all times.
  • Visualization of arguments and content when calling and sending emails. Can be segmented by customer type, product, or any Salesforce or Dynamics variable.
  • Identification of contacts without future tasks assigned to keep the pipeline organized and ensure proper follow-up.