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4 KPIs to maximize your contact rate

Do your SDRs complain about how hard it is to get in touch with prospects? These four KPIs will help optimize your outbound sales team's contact rate.

Using outbound sales to gain more customer insights

SaaS is a hyper-growth industry, but closing enterprise B2B sales is a slow process. So, how do you get valuable customer insights right now?

Why you NEED outbound sales to get more quality meetings

Your salesperson is talented, smart, and hard-working, but they aren't booking enough meetings. So, where is everything going wrong?

Crucial KPIs for B2B outbound sales teams

An in-depth look at vital sales development metrics you’re probably not measuring yet.

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Should I be listening to all of my sales reps’ calls?

SDR team: sales’ or marketing’s responsibility?

How many SDRs do I need to create an outbound team?

Should closed deals be a part of SDR compensation?

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