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Close the gap between your revenue goals and reality, with less effort along the way.

What's your role?

Sales Manager

Create a steady flow of qualified opportunities

Assist your sales reps all the way from lead to opportunity

Tired of this?

  • Dashboards filled with dodgy data
  • Sales reps free-styling their pitches and messaging
  • Chasing after sales reps to fill out the CRM
  • Remote sales reps not making enough calls

We’re here to help

Bloobirds is like having an extra Sales Manager on your squad, assisting your reps each step of the way, from qualifying inbound leads to sending out proposals at the perfect time. Smart-assist technology suggests the best pitch for each situation, tells reps when to call and follow-up with prospects, and alerts them to all inbound activity.

Sales Ops

Become a strategic metrics master

Drive a smooth sales process from start to finish

Tired of this?

  • Dashboards filled with dodgy data
  • Custom report building in Salesforce
  • Policing sales reps to fill in fields
  • Remote teams damaging data integrity

We’re here to help

Bloobirds guides remote sales reps from one task to the next, while effortlessly recording the data you need. Then, we automatically turn your data into eye-opening insights that are readable at a glance. You’ll go from CRM-hacking and sales rep policing to Metrics Master – always leading your team to the next best decision.

“Our legacy CRM (SFDC) was costing us excessive amounts of time and resources, and the process wasn’t agile enough to support our sales team. Now I feel confident that our sales team is executing to the best of their abilities because I can see the results from precise data.”

Carlos Flores

Sales Enablement and Operations, Geoblink


Become a high-performance machine

Book more meetings with an easy-to-follow process

Tired of this?

  • Not having a clear next step or plan to follow
  • Not being able to keep track of your prospects’ activities
  • Not knowing which pitch is working better
  • Wasting time filling out spreadsheets and forms
  • Going back and forth between different tools - not having all you need in one place

We’re here to help

Bloobirds guides you from one task to the next to help you get more done, connect with quality prospects, and be an all-around SDR superstar. It guides you through your workday while hosting all the contactability tools you need in one place and providing insights on how your messages are performing.

“Before Bloobirds, I found myself losing a lot of time in mundane tasks and logging data. Now I can focus my time on calling, emailing, and becoming more relevant while optimizing my activity. What I like the most about Bloobirds is the simplicity and UX that it provides.”

Ivan Falcó

Sales Development Representative, Lead Ratings

Sales Rep

Never leave money on the table

Close more deals with real-time assistance

Tired of this?

  • Getting lost in your outdated CRM
  • Never knowing if prospects have downloaded new content
  • Not having the time or resources to prospect new business
  • Having to fill out endless fields in the CRM

We’re here to help

Bloobirds covers the whole full-cycle sales process, from new lead to closed-won. Gone are the days of searching through a CRM for information to nurture prospects or forgetting a crucial follow-up on a proposal. Our platform transforms your workday into a fully-guided process, so you’ll close more deals. 

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Cut rep onboarding time in-half, multiply their results, and drive revenue.