Increased productivity, better CRM adoption, more data and more sales

Turn your CRM into an easy, useful solution that makes your team more productive.

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Problems solved by Bloobirds

Low productivity

Teams spend too much time on administrative tasks. These tasks directly impact their workload and process efficiency.

Lack of quality data

Data entry is often complex and tedious. As a consequence, many sales teams do not adhere to established processes, leading to the loss of valuable information.

Limited ROI from the CRM

Companies invest significant resources in consultancy and development for their CRM. However, this investment often does not yield the expected results.

How to improve your CRM


Consultancy Services or In-House Development

  • Time: Development projects take a long time and often experience delays.
  • Cost: It tends to be a bottomless pit of resources. More hours, increasingly expensive.
  • Maintenance: The complexity of CRMs like Salesforce or Dynamics can turn maintenance into a nightmare. In the worst case,
    the CRM ends up being a tool for in-house development, with the difficulties and resource consumption that entails.
  • Insufficient Results: Development using Salesforce or Dynamics admin tools has significant limitations.


Abandon the CRM for a New Sales System

  • Leaving your CRM after considerable investment and effort can generate serious resistance.
  • Adding more systems increases training costs and efficiency problems.
  • Long and complex implementation: It involves integrations, team training, and security reviews.
  • The ‘single source of truth’ is lost. Integrations are never
    100% reliable.



Bloobirds is a Salesforce and Dynamics application that enhances it from within, making it easier, faster, more powerful, and smarter.

  • No integration project required, nor a maintenance system.
  • Your CRM as the sole source of truth. Neither data nor users change.
  • Immediate installation, with the possibility of progressive adoption.
  • Maximizes data security.

So, how does it work?

Bloobirds is added in less than 3 minutes on top of your CRM and completely transforms it. Integrated communication channels, task management tools, AI and much more.

Omnichannel comunication

Easy, Bloobirds simply adds two panels to your Salesforce or Dynamics interface uniting all your sales channels in one unique place without leaving your CRM while it:

  • Increases sales team productivity by 50%.
  • Speeds up sales training by up to 80%.
  • Ensures 95% consistency in data and business processes.
  • Instant setup: no integration or maintenance work is required.
  • Users and data are fully integrated into the CRM.
  • Maximizes data security.

Taskbar - Pipeline management

The user is aware of their pending tasks at all times:

  • Tasks to be performed, which can be created automatically through follow-up sequences.
  • Incoming activities, including calls or messages.
  • Scheduled activities, such as automated emails and other autonomous tasks.
  • Calendar. Which includes calls and meetings.
  • Contacts and opportunities to review.
  • Newly assigned contacts.

Navigation and action bar

  • Navigation. As well as a detailed view of contacts and historical activities.
  • Action and contact tools within the CRM.
  • Automatic logging of activity.
  • Availability management system to facilitate scheduling meetings and calls.
  • Creation of automatic follow-up sequences, including automation of activities (e.g., emails).