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What to know about Bloobirds pricing

How is Bloobirds different from other sales engagement tools?

Bloobirds is the only Sales Engagement + In-App Playbook platform. We’ve combined a digitalized Playbook with Sales Engagement, Enablement, Intelligence, and Pre-Built Sales Processes to build the perfect partner to supercharge your existing CRM. 

Not only do we eliminate sales reps and managers’ admin tasks, but we also make selling more intuitive. We help your team flow through their pipeline, all the while collecting crucial data and creating competitive insights.

Who is Bloobirds suitable for?

Bloobirds is ideal for sales teams of all sizes, especially remote prospecting teams and hybrid or inside sales teams. 

Your entire Go-to-market team will use Bloobirds: 

  • Head/Directors of Sales will build their sales strategy and take it live.
  • Sales managers will review pipelines, gain team performance insights, and identify and seamlessly enforce best practices throughout their team.
  • Prospecting reps live inside Bloobirds. It’s their all-in-one tool to book more quality meetings.
  • Sales reps use Bloobirds as their helpful assistant with friendly reminders for next steps and follow-ups – and ultimately, close more deals.
  • Sales Operations managers will gain more quality data. Integrating your CRM is simple, and automatic data collection puts an end to policing your sales reps.
  • Marketing managers will make sure no more leads left behind. Bloobirds is designed to ensure the right follow-up for each inbound lead.

How long does it take to set up my account?

Bloobirds takes 1-2 weeks to integrate with your current CRM and get your sales team up and running as users.

Does Bloobirds require a minimum of users?

There’s no minimum requirement so that you can get started with one user, or 100! Bonus tip – there’s a decrease in price per user for 12 users and up.

Can Bloobirds integrate with any CRM?

Bloobirds integrates with the most popular CRMs and ERPs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot CRM, SAP, etc. Additionally, Bloobirds can integrate with other data integration software such as Zapier.

Do my sales reps need licenses for Bloobirds and our CRM?

When it comes to SDRs using Bloobirds you can remove their CRM licenses. For full-cycle sales reps, we recommend that salespeople have access to both Bloobirds and your CRM. However, in both cases every single activity, contact attempt, and piece of data will be automatically transferred to your CRM.