The #1 Salesforce and Dynamics app for omnichannel communications and productivity

Integrate phone, WhatsApp, email, and LinkedIn within Salesforce or Dynamics. Guide the user, manage tasks, and use our AI to analyse conversations and even update the CRM automatically.

Top 4 reasons why companies choose Bloobirds:


More data

Less CRM development

More productivity


1. Contacting without leaving your CRM and automatic activity logging

Being able to call and receive calls, send emails, LinkedIn messages and WhatsApp messages without leaving the CRM is essential to increase productivity.
In addition, the fact that all this activity is automatically recorded in your Salesforce or Dynamics is what many companies value to have complete visibility over the activity of their sales and service teams.

More data

2. Have more data in your CRM (effortless reporting)

The team doesn’t use the CRM properly (low adoption) and their activity (meetings, calls, emails…), and its results are not recorded or are done poorly. Bloobirds solves both and makes reporting very simple and conversational, recording up to 26% more data.

Less CRM development

3. Save on CRM development and consulting

Having a unique tailored CRM requires extra development that often involves a lot of time and money on CRM projects and consulting. The result is often not brilliant and you end up with your own system to maintain. Bloobirds adds everything sales or services teams need in just 3 clicks.

More productivity

4. More activity and better organization and follow-up

Bloobirds transforms Salesforce and Dynamics into a guided task manager that reminds the user when it’s time to follow up, send an email, make a call, or report a meeting. Every day, thanks to reminders and tasks, each user will know what he or she has to do. This way contacts, accounts, and opportunities will not be delayed or forgotten.

Enjoy the Bloobirds effect

Let your users enjoy their new CRM as the only source of truth. Users will only work from the CRM. No integration project required.

Boost productivity

Contact tools, task management, sales cases and opportunity tracking, and much more! All activity is recorded in the CRM and can all be found in one place.  No more app switching! Up to 60% productivity increase.

Go omnichannel

Deliver a unified and consistent experience that connects all your communication channels directly from the CRM. Eliminate manual reporting and improve the user experience.

Your CRM smarter with AI

Bloobirds adds AI to your CRM in 3 clicks

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What you get when you implement Bloobirds

The Bloobirds effect is immediate. Whether it is used by sales teams or service agents. More productvity, more activity, better quality.

ROI in sales

ROI in service


More sales activity per sales representative


Improvement in data collection


Time saved weekly in reporting tasks


Sales increase after three months

More Productivity

More opportunities generated per sales rep

More activity

More activity generated for every lead

More Relevance

Better messages and content

All of this results in significant revenue growth and reduced administrative tasks

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Increase in cases managed by agent


Improved response time


Customer satisfaction - Improvement of 1.6 pts


Data increase in Salesforce

Higher speed

Reduced response time

More productivity

More cases by service agent

Better quality

Better responses

All of this results in a considerable reduction of administrative tasks

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3 minutes is all you need to start enjoying a supercharged CRM

1Download the Bloobirds App

2Login to your CRM

3Enjoy your new CRM

We keep your data safe

Our solution is built to work directly on top of Salesforce, Dynamics, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp, thereby eradicating the potential hazards associated with syncing with external databases. Bloobirds is also GDPR and CCPA-compliant, which means all your information will be protected and risk-free.

“We have a CRM, we use it but not enough. I’ve been advocating for some time to use CRM and social listening more to get feedback.”

Milica Vulicevic Basorovic | Innovation Strategy Director Europe & Global Charter Lead

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“Somehow we have to create a company culture that allows us to get better at using Salesforce.”

Marc Clausen | Global Sales Performance and Strategy Coach

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“We have a saying: what’s not in the CRM doesn’t exist. Without data, we can’t assess employee performance.”

Oliver Cárdenas Gómez | Sales Program Manager

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“We use Salesforce and Sprinkler and we have integrated it all. But it has been quite a struggle, especially when we want to change or remove addresses… It is a whole process and a lot of steps. Not very efficient.”

David Lorié | Digital Innovation Manager

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“Bosses are looking for the KPIs, they look at the CRM to get the information, so if people are not using it, they can’t give the figures to their bosses.”

Guillaume Cregut | Adoption & Change Specialist

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“Salesforce is a challenge because it’s very tiring and makes adoption more difficult and reluctant. The magic word is automation.”

Matías Leandro Kruk | Salesforce Senior Technical Consultant

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“Salesforce is critical. We have a whole process of workshops and trainings specializing in that.”

Ben Purton | Senior Director of International Sales Enablement

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“Every organization out there is focused on making a digital transformation. For B2B companies it is a must, but there are still internal challenges in terms of technology and resource priorities.”

Vanessa Piratelo | Global Director of Channel Management

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“Teams have to understand that CRM is not a micromanagement tool, it is a tool that helps to be more efficient.”

Yago González Ansias | Sales Enablement Manager

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“The big issue with Salesforce is that it was not intuitive at all.”

Carlota Valentina Mendoza | Former Head of Digital Innovation

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“We had a bad experience with a CRM that was a turnkey project, it didn’t meet our expectations. Now we are looking at several off-the-shelf options that are a better fit for our business model.”

Tomás Fernández Buckley | Digital Transformation Manager

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“Three months after launching a CRM we are still talking about it. We want to stop talking about our CRM and start discussing business and we are still debating about processes, improvements, and data entry.”

Jan Trullàs Vila | Chief Commercial Officer

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