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Transform your CRM into what your sales team needs

Bloobirds’ Sales Engagement Platform increases CRM adoption, boosts productivity and drives more revenue


How Bloobirds changes the Seller-CRM relationship

Without Bloobirds With Bloobirds

CRM is not made for selling

Not seller friendly

Just a database made for reporting

It has no contactability tools

CRM is now seller friendly

Combining it with Bloobirds, you add to your CRM a set of powerful productivity and task management tools that adds value to it

Sellers don’t use the CRM

Tailored for managers

Updating feels like a forced chore

Adds more work without providing value for them

Sellers use the CRM

Saves time instead of adding more work

Users are guided through every step of the sales process, driving adoption intuitively

Lack of reliable data

Low adoption

Leads, opps and accounts are forgotten or not properly followed up

Activity is not reported

Actionable data

360 view of the sales process

More efficient sales process

All activity and data gathering is automatically synchronized to the CRM

Lost Revenue

Increased Revenue

Your sales reps at their best.
All the time.

Boost performance across every division with a tool that’s actually made for selling

Increase CRM adoption and data hygiene

Let’s face it, your sales team hates using your CRM and your data proves it. Bloobirds guides reps through every step of the sales process and turns data collection into an intuitive conversation, increasing adoption and ensuring all activity is registered automatically in your CRM without lifting a finger.
  • Wizards that guide users through every step of the process
  • Conversational data collection to make reporting easier
  • Addictive UX made specifically for sellers
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Boost your team’s productivity

Start a conversation, book a meeting or create an automated workflow in just one click. Forget about app switching, with Bloobirds, reps have access to all the tools they need in one place.
  • Automatic sales activity log that reduces admin tasks
  • Workflows and automation that save time
  • LinkedIn extension that makes reaching out easier
  • 1 Click UX that expedites the sales process
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Let the system 
remind you

Organize your pipeline and get full visibility into every lead, opportunity, and account. Bloobirds transforms the classic CRM list into an easy-to-follow task list so reps don’t need to rely on manual next steps or memory based follow ups.
  • Account list management that helps sellers keep track
  • Nurturing management system to always follow up
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All communication channels in one place

Maximize your sales across multiple channels and never miss a deal. Dialer, mail and LinkedIn are all integrated and just a click away, making it easier for reps to track every single interaction.
  • Dialer & Call Logging
  • Integrated email
  • LinkedIn integration
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Stay relevant

Increase engagement and conversion with Bloobirds’ AI powered smart content manager. Keep your messaging on topic by having the right content for each type of interaction and get real-time content recommendations based on the account and lead context and the specific conversation.
  • Smart email editor that recommend reps the best messaging to increase engagement
  • Content management that provides relevant resources in real time
  • Playbook in-app that helps reps follow the sales strategy without even realizing it
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What to expect after implementing Bloobirds


increase in daily sales follow-up activity


increase in reported daily sales data


decrease in the daily time spent updating the CRM


increase in the usage of sales outreach material

3 minutes. That is all that’s between you and a brand new Salesforce

Bloobirds' Salesforce integration is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA, ensuring all sensitive data remains secure and risk free


Bloobirds plugin


into Salesforce


Enjoy your new
Salesforce experience

What's Bloobirds for?

Short answer: For any interaction with leads, prospects or customers.



Made for finding and engaging new accounts

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Sales Reps, Account Executives...

Made for converting accounts into deals

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Account Management

Customer Success Managers...

Made for increasing the revenue of existing clients

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Who is Bloobirds suitable for?

Bloobirds is made for any team member who reaches out to leads, prospects and clients.

Can I use Bloobirds if I don't have Salesforce?

Yes! If you don’t have Salesforce or you don’t have a CRM, Bloobirds can still be suitable for you. Contact us for more info.

Does Bloobirds require a minimum of users?

There’s no minimum requirement so that you can get started with one user, or 100! Bonus tip – there’s a decrease in price per user for 12 users and up.

Are there different plans or licenses?

No different plans. We do have 2 types of licenses. The manager license, and the sales rep license. The main difference is that the manager license gives access to company setup while the sales rep license gives access to the contactability tools.

Does Bloobirds logs every single activity?

Yes. That said, only sales activity related to leads registered on the CRM will be logged, so don’t worry about having your personal communications in the CRM. Also, ff anyone doesn’t want activity such as calls, emails or messages to be registered, they can opt out anytime.

How does Bloobirds integrates with a marketing strategy?

Bloobirds is a sales engagement platform that covers the whole cycle from lead to deal. Bloobirds can be integrated with marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Pardot, Eloqua, Activecampaign and more, so inbound leads can come through and be treated in Bloobirds by sales reps.

As a bonus track, Bloobirds allows keeping better track of inbound leads so they don’t get lost. Lead management and assignment can be done from the marketing platform or directly from Bloobirds.

Can Bloobirds provide contact details like emails and phone numbers?

Nope. Bloobirds is not a sales intelligence tool but can be integrated with them.

Loved by every member of the revenue team

Sales reps Never miss another follow-up

What I like about working with the platform, apart from being assisted daily, is the fact that I can actually measure the quality and success of my pitch. By being able to see my conversion rates from meeting to opp, I can see exactly where I need to improve.

G2 user

Enterprise (>1000 empl.)

Sales Operations Get all the data you need, at the right time

I can completely recommend Bloobirds to everyone who wants to achieve greater results in B2B Prospecting while not compromising on quality. So, the usage is very easy, the support is doing a great job and the product thinks B2B Prospecting in a new and different way, which we started to like a lot.

G2 user

SMB (80 empl.)

Sales Managers Built-In Sales Playbook

When you have Sales Development representatives (BDRs or Inside Sales reps) working from home, you need Bloobirds. Specially if you need to onboard new members to the team. The ramp up period for us is critical and we need a prospecting platform that helps SDRs onboard and learn fast.

G2 User

Startup (100 empl.)

Join the next generation of sales engagement

Get winning results with real-time, strategic assistance at every step of the outreach process.

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