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The next generation of B2B prospecting

Bloobirds prospecting platform guides sales development representatives through their workday and helps sales leaders make better decisions.

We've got the entire opp gen process covered

Turn inbound and outbound activity into more, quality opportunities.


Accept, discard, and prioritize inbound leads

Add companies

Create and assign inbound and outbound companies


Your SDRs enrich companies by adding leads & data


SDRs follow the cadence & the scheduled next steps


SDRs remind prospects & AEs about upcoming meetings


Reactivate non-converted companies at the right moment

With Bloobirds, I get a full picture, and quickly, of what part of our go-to-market strategy is working. I feel armed with the info I need to make better growth decisions and go after new markets.

Manuel Agudo


Bloobirds guides our reps through the prospecting process, making my day easier. The best aspect is the visual cadence, which quickly shows me all of the SDR’s past interactions with a target company.

Edoardo Cantoni

Business Development Manager

We’ve seen great success since we tightly defined our target market and niche. Using insights from Bloobirds, we evolved our business strategy to target our solution’s most-receptive use cases.

Ricard Bonastre


Transform the way your team works

Find the happy medium between SDR anarchy and total automation.


Guide your precise strategy

Assure that every prospected account belongs to your target market, each lead is an ideal buyer, and every scenario is anticipated and understood.

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Enable intensive activity

Use task assistance and a uniform, multi-channel cadence to help reps increase activity level, contactability rate, and effectiveness.

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Support a systematic process

Relieve your sales operations manager from police duty. Enable outreach based on your growth plan, instead of whatever your sales rep is feeling that day.

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Deliver relevant messaging

Real-time messaging assistance helps your SDRs land a bullseye pitch for the right customer profile. Enhance your account-based strategy and increase pitch efficiency.

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Gain strategic insights

Build your playbook into Bloobirds to measure and fine-tune your strategy for optimal success. Get conversion rates for every combo of target market, ICP, scenario, and value proposition.

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More quality meetings. Fewer tech headaches.

We’re the perfect partner to supercharge your current CRM.

Don’t waste time and resources customizing Hubspot, Salesforce, or Pipedrive with sales engagement platforms, apps, and process builders. Bloobirds prospecting platform is ready to go – without extra fields or integrations required. We’ll build the bridge between your current CRM and marketing automation platform, leaving your sales ops manager out of it.


Make managing a remote SDR team simple

Bring your sales playbook to life in our remote prospecting machine.

Easy setup

No complicated consulting or training sessions. It'll be love at first log-in.


End time-wasting and tool-switching. We're where your SDR team lives and thrives.

Built-in integrations

Plug-and-play integration with your favorite CRM and marketing automation platform.


Make daily activities smooth for SDRs, and deep insights a breeze for sales and marketing leaders.

Ready to see your team triumph?

Cut SDR onboarding time in-half, multiply their results, and drive revenue.

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