The all-in-one outbound sales platform

Bloobirds converts your go-to-market strategy and sales playbook into a predictable, actionable, and measurable outbound process, including inbound qualification.


The outbound process to generate sales opps is broken

You know the drill. Your company's strategy, sales playbook and processes, and CRM system are 3 isolated things - resulting in an organization where each sales rep does it their own way.


Reduce the gap between strategy and execution

Bloobirds integrates your company's strategy, sales processes, and playbook into one system. One that not only registers data but assists your team in real-time from target market definition to meeting handover to the AE, including a proper inbound qualification process.

How we do it

We implement a sophisticated methodology through powerful tech.


Strategy & playbook definition


Companies search & assignment


Lead search


Prospecting & pitching


Meeting handover

Make your playbook actionable in real-time

Before getting your team started with Bloobirds, we’ll introduce your company’s strategy and sales playbook into the platform. These tools include your target market companies, ideal customer profile, messaging variations, pain-point questions, profiling questions, scenarios, sales cadence, data model, etc.

Target companies creation: quality over volume

We believe outbound is not about sending thousands of emails in bulk, it’s about choosing and finding the right companies. Don’t let individual team members decide what is the right target market for you.

Smart assignment

Assign companies to prospect based on a detailed SDR pipeline analysis.

Find the ideal customer profile

How many leads should an SDR be prospecting per company? From which department? Buying role? Assign every lead to an ideal customer profile and control who are you targeting and the message to deliver.

Increase contactability and deliver the right message

Strategy should always come before individual talent. Are your SDRs pushing enough or following the right sales cadence? If your answer is no or you simply don’t know, you might be losing out on quality opportunities. Once connected with the right persona from the right company, make sure the SDR delivers the right message.

Pass it on to the Account Executive

Got that meeting already? Great, it’s time for the Sales Team to close the deal. Control the quality of the meetings delivered and manage rescheduling. Create meetings from Bloobirds and assign them to the right AE on your CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.).

Why invest in Bloobirds?

Create more qualified opps

Start generating more deals by creating a constant and predictable flow of qualified opportunities.

Centralize your strategy

Centralize your sales & company strategy and make sure the whole team is going in the same direction.

Create your outbound squad

Create your outbound team from scratch or optimize an existing one. Your team learns while working.

Reduce the onboarding time

Reduce time and improve onboarding in your outbound sales team. This is key in order to scale.

Build the all-in-one tech stack

Bloobirds covers the whole sales kit your outbound team needs. CRM, email tracker, dialer, and more.

Make your company scalable

Create a company that's able to sell steadily and predictably. Bloobirds allows you to forecast sales.

Learn and grow with our team

We are with you for the whole journey, implementing the tools and training you and your team need.


Integrate your favorite productivity tools to optimize and speed up the process


Generate leads from your favorite marketing tool and let the SDR Team convert them into qualified sales opportunities.


Cover the whole outbound process with Bloobirds. Create target companies, add and prospect leads, and generate sales opportunities for Account Executives.


Time to make some cash. Convert those qualified opportunities into deals using your favorite CRM: Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, etc.

Ready to get started?

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