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Empower your remote sales team from prospect to deal.

Bloobirds sales empowerment platform partners with your existing CRM to guide business development and closing reps to convert more prospects into customers.


Give your revenue team superpowers

What’s your main focus?

Build more pipeline

Create a steady flow of qualified opportunities with an easy-to-follow process built to help prospecting reps.

Bloobirds message cold email templates

Close more deals, predictably

Let closing reps do what they do best, while Bloobirds takes care of the tedious admin tasks and CRM updates.


Optimize my sales team

Register your revenue team’s activity automatically, and guide them through their day with real-time smart alerts.

Bloobirds message cold email templates

With Bloobirds, I get a full picture, and quickly, of what part of our go-to-market strategy is working. I feel armed with the info I need to make better growth decisions and go after new markets.

Manuel Agudo


Bloobirds guides our reps through the prospecting process, making my day easier. The best aspect is the visual cadence, which quickly shows me all of the SDR’s past interactions with a target company.

Edoardo Cantoni

Business Development Manager

We’ve seen great success since we tightly defined our target market and niche. Using insights from Bloobirds, we evolved our business strategy to target our solution’s most-receptive use cases.

Ricard Bonastre


Make every member of your team exponentially more effective

Sales Reps

AEs Full-Cycle Reps Commercial Sales Reps

Close more deals. Bloobirds acts as your helpful assistant with friendly reminders for next steps and follow-ups.

Prospecting Reps

SDRs BDRs Outbound sales reps

Book more meetings. No more tool-switching or wondering what pitch to use. Bloobirds will guide you through your day.

Sales Managers

VP of Sales SDR Managers Head of Sales

Make your team more productive. Cut sales rep onboarding time in-half and make gaining deep strategic insights a breeze.

Sales Operations

RevOps Managers Salesforce Admins CRM Managers

Get more quality data. Integrating your CRM is simple, and automatic data collection puts an end to policing your sales reps.

But wait, is Bloobirds a Sales Engagement Platform? A CRM? Both?

We’d like to say that we’re the perfect partner to supercharge your existing CRM.

Bloobirds is a sales empowerment platform that sits on top of Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics, or your CRM of choice to make it more functional for your whole sales team.

Designed to eliminate sales reps’ and managers’ admin tasks and make selling more intuitive, we’ll help your team flow through their pipeline. All while collecting crucial data without relying on your, ahem, notoriously forgetful salespeople to fill out the CRM.

Combining your sales playbook with crucial sales engagement, enablement, and intelligence features, Bloobirds supports your reps every step of the way.

Ready to see your team triumph?

Cut sales rep onboarding time in-half, multiply their results, and drive revenue.


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