Make your CRM easier and more useful to use.

Make your CRM the user's best friend. Less admin tasks, guided workflow and everything just one click away. The result? More adoption and more data!

Less reporting, more data

Make your CRM report automatically without having to chase users. As soon as a call or meeting ends, let Bloobirds guide the user so that the report is assisted or, if you prefer, fully automatic.

Automatic reporting with AI

After a conversation, the AI ​​will update the CRM. The user can verify that the data is correct then the system will automatically update

Assisted reporting

Through guided workflows, Bloobirds will ask the user, what should be updated and when. In this way, the report will be easy, fast and guided.

More data

Straightaway, your CRM will have more data - and more importantly, of a higher quality! And there’s no need to constantly chase the user to update the CRM. Companies using Bloobirds reported on average a 26% increase in accurate data points within their CRM.

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Assisted Workflows

Salesforce and Dynamics are the best CRMs on the market, but they are usually not user-friendly. Due to their confusing and burdensome, adoption rates become very low.

Bloobirds turns your CRM into a simple and easy-to-use software by assisting and simplifying the user's interaction with the CRM.


For a system to be fully adopted across an organization, it must provide value (for example, increase productivity or improve organization and tracking) and it must be easy to learn and use. Usability studies show that it will have very low levels of adoption if it fails to meet these 2 tests regardless of how amazing they could be.

However, excellent usability, with good information architecture, with clear colour codes (WhatsApp is green, LinkedIn is blue etc.) and constant guidance (for example, a small ball on an icon indicates that there are things to review) allows users to learn effortlessly and get the most out of the tool. Bloobirds has been designed following the most cutting-edge usability patterns on the market with the aim of making the user fall in love with its system and, therefore, for the company to get the most out of Bloobirds and, therefore, the CRM!