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A Sales Engagement Platform Is Not a Prospecting Platform


A Sales Engagement Platform Is Not a Prospecting Platform

Find out what sales engagement platforms offer vs. what you need to build a prospecting machine.

A sales engagement platform (SEP) is pretty much just a dialer and a mail automation tool for Salesforce. Let us explain.

A sales engagement platform provides the contactability tools you need within your CRM to call, email, and automatically log these activities. That’s it. 

What can sales engagement tools offer you?

Well, they offer some extra features on top of your CRM. More buttons and forms to navigate. Calling prospects, sending emails, and funneling leads into an automated sequence are all straightforward tasks in a SEP. However, your SDRs will still live the daily experience of maintaining a database or list of leads, instead of feeling engaged. 

Inside a sales engagement platform, you’ll find email templates and tactical dashboards with open rates. You won’t find processes, a built-in playbook, full prospecting dashboards, guidance for your team, Smart Alerts, or an easy-to-analyze account engagement overview. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of buttons on top of SFDC for calling and sending automated emails. 

Of course, you need contactability tools, and your team’s contact activity automatically logged in the CRM. If you want to build a prospecting machine, put a process in place, land your prospecting go-to-market strategy within your tech stack, or make sure your prospecting team executes what you have defined – you’ll need something else.

You’ll need to develop all of this from scratch using Salesforce development capabilities. Again, with a sales engagement platform, you’ll get a dialer and email engine for automated sequences. 

Here’s what you need to master prospecting

However, if you want to master prospecting, here’s what you’ll need – 

1- Create a clear and structured prospecting process. And the prospecting process is a pipeline, not a funnel. An automated sequence is a tech tool, not a prospecting process. A sales engagement tool provides nothing related to the prospecting process. 

2- A data model that lands your go-to-market strategy within the platform and guides the prospecting team to help execute your strategic goals. Your playbook should be the ‘content’ of the system. And a set of templates is not a playbook.

3- The right user experience for collecting data to maximize data entries. With more data, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what parts of your playbook are working, aren’t working, and why. The prospecting team is the only team that is consistently talking to the market – maximize the value that you get from this effort. A sales engagement platform doesn’t provide any specific user experience for collecting data. Again, it is just some buttons for calling and sending emails.

4- The right metrics and dashboards for the prospecting activity. You’ll need contactability and pitch efficiency for each combination of target market, ICP, and scenario, non-converted accounts by each objection, conversions in cohorts, and more. A sales engagement platform provides you with tactical metrics like open rates by subject and number of dials. Of course, this doesn’t talk at all about your go-to-market strategy. 

5- Finally, you need a platform that helps, assists, and guides your team. You definitely don’t need another database to maintain. Nor a set of records (leads) to fill out through long forms, so you can see what’s going on. You need a platform that makes your team feel assisted and engaged. Not only a button for calling or a collection of templates. 

The bottom line

If we’re on the same page about the above – to master prospecting, you need those five things, and that a sales engagement platform is not going to provide you any of them, we have another question. 

Can you do all of this with your CRM? 

While a CRM is a perfect solution for managing the whole sales process from an opportunity to deal, it’s not enough for prospecting.

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