How to Boost Your Social Selling Performance on LinkedIn


How to Boost Your Social Selling Performance on LinkedIn

Social selling is becoming ever more popular to generate opportunities in the SaaS industry. Check out these tips to boost your social selling performance!

For those of you who were not able to tune into last week’s insightful webinar with social selling expert Daniel Disney, we’ve got you covered!

Here at Bloobirds, we brought together the major takeaway messages from the live Q&A so you can have killer social selling performance on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

If you’re looking to incorporate LinkedIn and personal branding in your SaaS strategy, then keep on reading below. These key points are certain to draw in new leads and help your SaaS business generate more revenue. 

Tips for social selling on LinkedIn

Listen First. Produce Content. Then, Practice and Refine. 

For those of you who are exploring the prospect of personal branding and don’t know where to start, then your best option is to first listen. As Daniel Disney explains, it’s not a matter of personality.

Rather, it’s your ability to listen to your LinkedIn network, which can lead you to the results most desired, be it understanding what type of content best attracts audiences or generating new ideas. 

And, of course, social listening requires little effort. Just taking 5-10 minutes once or twice a day to scroll through your social media feed and consume content (posts, videos, articles) can get you well on your way. 

Similarly, as you practice writing up content, you’ll find that your skills will improve over time. You may not produce the perfect content material initially, but should you strive to work at it, you’ll become the industry thought leader you were meant to be.  

Find the Right Content-Length to Drive Engagement 

Engagement is an essential component of social selling and generating potential leads. However, to strike the right chord with the audience, you’ll need the right length of content. 

In fact, the best-performing content on LinkedIn is long-story posts. Not blogs. Not short posts. But, long-story posts that reach approximately 1300 characters in length. 

The best-performing content on LinkedIn is long-story posts. Not blogs. Not short posts.

Given that creating this type of content poses little time restraints for salespeople, you can post this material at least three times a week to see differences in engagement figures. Although if you want to get even higher numbers, you’ll want to post ideally once a day, Monday through Friday. 

Be Consistent. Give Value. 

There is not much more to these two ideas. If you want to create content that is memorable and unique, and impacts audiences over time, you need to be consistent and give value to your readers.

Being consistent means sharing relevant content at least once a day. Giving value is offering up tips, knowledge, experience, advice, insight within a professional context. Do this, and you’ll leverage the power of LinkedIn to resonate with prospects, customers, and individuals of all sorts. 

Create and Measure Your Social Selling Performance

Understanding how you are doing on social media platforms allows you to uncover weak spots in your B2B SaaS strategy and play new result-oriented moves online.

If you have yet to measure your social selling performance, then there’s no better time than now. 

You’ll find that LinkedIn already offers its own SSI (social selling index) score as a measure of success. The professional network tells you how good your personal brand is; how well you are leveraging search functions on LinkedIn; and, how well you are building relationships with decision-makers and giving value in the content. 

But, there’s a caveat here: as Daniel Disney argues, you’ll only get half the picture if you depend solely on these measurements.

If you want to understand the full extent of your social selling performance, you’ll need to take into account core (and real) sales metrics. Those include pipeline metrics such as opportunities, conversions, etc. 

When you put all of this data together, only then will you be able to make the most of your B2B prospecting strategy. 

If you enjoyed these highlights from our live session with Daniel Disney, we encourage you to check out the webinar in its entirety. You’ll hear much more about what to do to create a stellar B2B social selling strategy.