Salesforce Optimization for Sales Teams: Avoid Excessive Costs


Salesforce Optimization for Sales Teams: Avoid Excessive Costs

Is it necessary to spend so much time, money, and effort on making Salesforce useful for sales teams? Find the key to Salesforce optimization.

I bought Salesforce, the best CRM. What now?

In the world of enterprise sales, Salesforce has become a must-have tool for any sizable sales team. Salesforce has been the #1 CRM for years now. However, this blessing can become a financial curse if not handled properly. Many companies find themselves in a seemingly insurmountable dilemma: how to achieve Salesforce optimization without draining the company’s coffers. Is it really necessary to spend so much time, money, and effort on making Salesforce useful to my sales team?

The Illusion of Basic Implementation

For many companies, the idea of implementing Salesforce means reaching the pinnacle of technology as far as the sales team is concerned. However, this apparent simplicity can lead to a significant decrease in the productivity of the sales team. Basic features are often not tailored to the complexities of a specific company’s sales process, which can result in a discouraging user experience and a loss of valuable sales opportunities.

What should be a gift to the salesperson becomes a nightmare – but how is that possible? We are giving the sales team the best of the best, and yet they still don’t want to use it!

Salesforce can be a sales team’s greatest ally or its greatest enemy. An out-of-the-box Salesforce, without any customization or adaptation to each company’s sales process, can seriously interfere with the productivity of the sales team.

The Dilemma of Custom Development and External Consultancies

Customizing Salesforce through in-house development and hiring specialized consultants may seem like the logical solution. However, this path is fraught with financial obstacles. The costs associated with custom development and consultancy can quickly add up, leaving companies with depleted budgets and no guarantee of tangible results. Moreover, extended timelines and potential integration issues can cause a significant disruption in business operations, leading to further revenue loss.

A Sensible Perspective: Finding a Balance

So, what is the solution? The key is to find a balance between customization and economy. It is critical to recognize that not all companies require extensive Salesforce customization. Many organizations can greatly benefit from Salesforce’s basic features, but need to find smart solutions to adapt the platform to their specific needs without breaking the bank.

The Sensible Alternative: Evaluating Additional Tools

Instead of investing large sums of money in custom development and expensive consulting, companies can explore additional tools that integrate effectively with Salesforce. These tools, such as Bloobirds, offer additional functionality that can be tailored to the company’s sales processes without the high costs associated with custom development. Additionally, these solutions are designed to be intuitive and easy to implement, which significantly reduces downtime and ensures a smooth transition for the sales team.

Note:  It’s important to be cautious with tools that integrate with Salesforce at the data level and take users out of Salesforce. One should be careful with additional tools that cause Salesforce to be underused. That’s why Bloobirds is designed to work on top of Salesforce, encouraging better use of Salesforce.

Conclusion: A Prudent Strategy for Salesforce Optimization

Salesforce optimization for sales teams should not be an overwhelming financial task. By finding a sensible balance between core Salesforce functionality and efficient add-on tools, companies can improve the productivity of their sales team without blowing their budget. The key lies in carefully assessing the company’s specific needs and choosing solutions that deliver maximum value at the lowest possible cost. This way, companies can take full advantage of the powerful Salesforce platform without falling into the trap of overspending and long lead times. Ultimately, a prudent strategy is the key to unlocking the full potential of Salesforce and leading sales teams to sustainable success.

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