Contact tools that enhance your data

Streamline communication and automatically log interactions to level up your sales game.

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Simplify your calls

Make, receive and report calls from Salesforce easily. Access recordings, to review previous contacts with your prospects and clients.

Our dialer feature allows users to:

→  Automatically change the country prefix.
→  Find the sales pitches while on a call.
→  Automatically record calls.
→  Manually log calls if needed.

Make your emails smarter

Send and receive emails from Salesforce with our AI-powered email editor. Automate emails that do not require high levels of personalization with the Email Automation feature.

With our email feature, you will also be able to:

→  Check past activity.
→  Get content suggestions as you write.
→  Create and add templates.
→  See similar won deals.
→  Integrate your calendar

This feature is compatible with G-Suite and Microsoft Outlook providers.

Unlock LinkedIn's potential

Bloobirds’ Playbook and comms assistance are connected to LinkedIn, making it even easier to interact with your customers.

Forget about toggling to your browser to access the social network, as we integrate LinkedIn within your Salesforce, to give you the power you need to:

→  Send or receive messages.
→  Check conversation automatically.
→  Log some activity manually (profile visits or invitations sent).

Take Whatsapp one step further

Access contacts’ conversation history, facilitating reviewing past interactions.

Say goodbye to scattered information and embrace a comprehensive view of all your communication with leads. Gain full control over tracking and managing interactions.