Data collection made easy

Gather and utilize accurate and comprehensive data to improve decision-making.

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High quality and quantity of data

Companies struggle with incomplete or missing data, leading to lost opportunities and inefficiency. Bloobirds tackles this problem head-on with its innovative features that ensure no data goes unrecorded.


Less manual reporting, more productivity

Bloobirds automatically collects and tracks activities, storing them in one centralized location.

We eliminate the need for sales or services teams to manually record interactions and ensure all information is accurately recorded in both Bloobirds and Salesforce.

Dialer: Simplified call tracking

Calls are logged automatically when answered.

Additionally, you can conveniently review call outcomes, access call recordings, and gather valuable insights, all within the same interface, eliminating the need to navigate to a different platform.

AI will make sure your calls get transcribed and all notes are taken automatically.

Emails: Read and access in one click

All your emails, received or sent, are saved and tracked automatically from your email account provider.

This seamless integration ensures that every communication is logged accurately, providing a comprehensive record of your interactions.

Furthermore, you can conveniently access and read these emails without the need to switch to the provider’s tab or app. This optimizes your workflow and allows you to stay engaged with all your communications effortlessly.

LinkedIn: Conversations saved automatically

All LinkedIn messages are automatically saved in each lead’s activity. This ensures that all your Linkedin’s communication history is stored within the lead’s profile, offering a comprehensive overview of your interactions.

Whether you need to recall important details or continue a previous conversation, you can easily view past conversations with just a simple click.

Capturing outcomes and next steps

After any meeting, this wizard will prompt you to record the meeting’s outcome and next steps you intend to take.

This thoughtful feature acts as a safeguard against crucial information slipping through the cracks. By capturing these details immediately after the meeting, you ensure that important insights and action items are not forgotten.

Inactive processes assistant

Bloobirds takes care of the inactive companies or leads by ensuring that they’re properly managed and assigned with follow-up activities. This ensures that no leads /companies go untouched.

By systematically assigning follow-up tasks to these leads, Bloobirds keeps your engagement strategy on track and maximizes the chances of re-engaging with them in the future.

Get valuable insights at a glance

Bloobirds adds data to enrich any company’s current dashboards but also offers more comprehensive dashboards that provide deeper insights and analysis.

These dashboards provide sales teams access to more data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Automated LinkedIn data collector

Bloobirds enables users to save a contact’s details directly to Salesforce in one a click, it extracts the information from the lead’s profile and saves them automatically.