Your Sales tool, now on LinkedIn

Pull contacts’ and companies’ information directly from LinkedIn into your CRM and carry out your entire sales process without having to leave the LinkedIn app.

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increase in team productivity


increase in data accuracy


more engagement

We’re bringing your CRM into LinkedIn

Bloobirds layers on top of LinkedIn and adds productivity and task management features to transform it into a powerful selling tool.

Check and update your CRM without leaving LinkedIn

Bloobirds increases efficiency and productivity for sales teams by eliminating the need for reps to switch between different platforms.

Access all information about a specific company or contact from LinkedIn. Get a quick overview of activities, opportunities, and past contracts, create new contacts and companies in a click, and edit information quickly. All of this without changing tabs.

Turn your favorite app into a selling tool

Bloobirds turns LinkedIn into the only tool reps need by bringing all communication, productivity, and task management tools where they are already spending their time.

Call, send messages, create a cadence, schedule a meeting or schedule an automatic email, all from LinkedIn.

Keep all data accurate and consistent

Bloobirds eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically pulling contacts’ and companies’ information from LinkedIn and registering every single interaction into the CRM.

At the same time, all data from contacts and companies that is added directly into the CRM can also be accessed from LinkedIn, giving reps a 360 view.

Easy setup with no complications

Setting up Bloobirds within LinkedIn is simple and straightforward. There’s no need for any coding or technical knowledge, our Chrome extension is user-friendly and requires no data mapping. Additionally, we’re fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA, which means that all sensitive data remains secure and risk free.


Do I have to manually create contacts/companies in my CRM?

No. Bloobirds does it for you automatically and registers the information directly in your CRM with a single click.

Does Bloobirds register all LinkedIn activities?

Yes. Every interaction made on LinkedIn is logged in your CRM, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time on administrative work (this also works with other activities such as calling, sending emails, etc).

Does it include other contact tools?

Yes, you can call, send emails, schedule meetings and create cadences without leaving LinkedIn.

Can I manage all my tasks without leaving LinkedIn?

Yes, you can create tasks to make sure you are always on top of things. Our feature also includes smart alerts and follow-ups so you never miss a thing.

Is it possible to use my playbook templates?

Yes. Bloobirds for LinkedIn allows you to add or use templates, sales pitches and materials directly on LinkedIn, whether you use the messaging, chat, email or call features.