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Reach out across multiple channels, organize your sales pipeline and manage opportunities and deals inside Salesforce with Bloobirds.

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increase in daily sales follow-up activity


increase in reported daily sales data


decrease in the daily time spent updating the CRM

Boost productivity with a streamlined sales process

When you connect Salesforce with Bloobirds, you gain a seamless integration of your sales playbook with all the contactability, productivity and task management tools your team needs under one single platform, allowing them to be more productive, efficient, and accurate while spending less time completing admin tasks.

Keep your CRM up-to-date

Bloobirds registers every single interaction automatically into Salesforce. This means that all information from every call, email, meeting, or LinkedIn message, including the results, will be logged without any additional effort on your part. This ensures that your CRM is always current and accurate, allowing you to have a clear understanding of every interaction, and better manage your sales activities. With Bloobirds, you can focus on sales and let the software handle the CRM management for you.

Get up and running quickly and with no complications

Setting up Bloobirds within Salesforce is simple and straightforward. There’s no need for any coding or technical knowledge, our Chrome extension is user-friendly and requires no data mapping. Additionally, we’re fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA, which means that all sensitive data remains secure and risk free.


Do I need developers’ knowledge to install Bloobirds?

No, Bloobirds is a code-free tool. Simply download our plugin, log in to Salesforce, and start enjoying your brand-new CRM.

Are contact tools included?

Yes. You can call, send emails, schedule meetings, and create cadences and workflows (Bloobirds does not provide phone numbers nor email addresses). Our email automation features integrate with G-Suit and Microsoft Outlook.

Does Bloobirds logs every single activity into Salesforce?

Yes. Every interaction is recorded, so you don’t have to manually update anything. This includes incoming and outcoming calls, emails, meetings, etc. That said, only sales activity related to leads and companies registered on Salesforce will be logged, so don’t worry about having your personal communications in the CRM.

Will I be able to use my sales playbook's templates?

Yes. Bloobirds for Salesforce allows you to add or use templates and sales materials directly on the channels you’re using in real-time, filtered by the type of contact you’re interacting with.

Will my data be protected?

Yes, Bloobirds is compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations. All your information will be safe and risk-free.