10 Things to do after implementing Salesforce

The best advice to put in practice right after deploying Salesforce


What you´ll find in this ebook

Salesforce is the most powerful CRM in the market, but inadequate usage can lead to frustration in companies, managers, and users. To avoid this, there are a series of key tasks you need to perform to take advantage of this platform and level up your sales game.

This is why we have created this in-depth guide that will walk you through the ten essential actions you need to perform right after deploying Salesforce to ensure adoption, productivity, and overall growth. 

Here are just a few of the topics you’ll find inside

  • The triple frustration Salesforce can cause 
  • Internal development vs. external tools
  • How to optimize onboarding and training
  • Why create an adoption plan?
  • Ensuring data quality on your CRM

Who’s this guide for?

CRM Managers

Find out which are the best initiatives to keep the data on your CRM software safe and free of duplication and loss.

Digital innovators

Learn how to make Salesforce the software of choice in your company to finally improve and update sales and customer management processes.

IT Managers

Find out which are the best initiatives to record and track activity to improve reporting and data gathering.