Boost enrollment with Salesforce

Best practices, tips and tricks to power-up your students funnel


Discover innovative strategies to attract, engage, and convert prospective students into your institution’s future leaders. 

With the help of Elaine Bagshaw, Head of Salesforce at Kaplan International Pathways, will share insights and proven techniques to supercharge your enrollment efforts, ensuring you stay ahead in this competitive educational landscape. 

Some of the topics will discuss.

  • Main issues in higher education institutions.
    • Overload of manual tasks.
    • Lack of ongoing training.
    • Data silos.
  • Top solutions to boosts student enrollment.
    • Implementing automations.
    • Connecting apps to Salesforce.
    • Creating a playbook.

Who is this webinar for?

Recruitment and enrollment managers
They will learn everything they need to know to improve their use of Salesforce throughout the student journey, from applicants to alumni.

CRM Managers
They will be able to discover how to improve the adoption of the software by their users and gather key information to optimize the CRM.

Sales reps and costumer representatives
They will discover how to manage large volumes of applicant and student data without losing any key information.

About the panelist

elaine bagshaw

Elaine Bagshow

Head of Salesforce Platform at Kaplan International Pathways,

Elaine is a Salesforce certified strategy designer, currently in charge of introducing best practices in software engineering governance and demand management practices, at Kaplan International.