The current state of Digital Innovation

Background, challenges, best practices, and trends


What you´ll find in this whitepaper

Digital Innovation has become increasingly crucial for businesses to remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve however, it is relatively underdeveloped and rarely has a standardized practice in the industry. This is why we’ve decided to dive into Digital Innovation to find out the current “state of the art”, main challenges, and opportunities and discover more about a key sector for the present and future of businesses worldwide.

To do so, we’ve joined forces with some of the biggest brands in the world

  • Milica Vulicevic Basorovic, Innovation Strategy Director Europe & Global Innovation at The Coca-Cola Company.
  • David Lorié, Digital Innovation Manager Benelux at L’Oréal.
  • Guillaume Cregut, Adoption & Change Specialist at Nestlé.
  • Tomás Fernández Buckle, Digital Transformation Manager at Gin Puerto de Indias.
  • Carlota Valentina Mendoza, Head of Innovation at WeWork Mexico.

The topics you’ll find inside

  • The importance of Digital Innovation 
  • How Digital Innovation works with other areas
  • The importance of CRMs in Digital Innovation
  • The main challenges in Digital Innovation

Who’s this whitepaper for?

Digital innovators
Discover the latest trends, common and best practices in your field directly from top experts in the niche.

IT Managers
Learn about the value of data when it comes to choosing, implementing, and adopting technology in companies.

CRM Managers
Find out the importance that CRMs have when organizations start their innovation journeys.