How Sales Professionals Use Bloobirds

Close the gap between your revenue goals and reality, with less effort along the way.

Working on a sales team isn’t an easy feat. Bloobirds is designed to guarantee: More activity through a task-based system and more precision and relevance through a messaging-assistant platform. How? Bloobirds main difference is the playbook integration, which allows managers to reduce the gap between the strategy and the execution, and sales reps get more results. From the inbound leads qualification process to the deal closing, it guides each of the team members through their part of the process


  • How SDRs use Bloobirds – Tuesday, June 14th
  • How SDR Managers use Bloobirds – Thursday, June 16th
  • How Sales Reps use Bloobirds – Tuesday, June 21st
  • How Sales Directors use Bloobirds – Thursday, June 23rd

                                                                 8 AM PT | 5 PM CET

We’ll be discussing:

  • How Bloobirds is used to generate more meetings and close more deals
  • Tricks to make your sales team an accurate and efficient machine
  • How does each role use Bloobirds in their day-to-day tasks
  • Best practices and tricks for using Bloobirds

Who should join this webinar?

  • Sales Development Managers: Learn how to improve and enable revenue impact. Quickly identify best practices to repeat throughout your sales organization.
  • Sales Reps: Discover how AEs, Busines Dev Managers or Inside Sales Reps close more deals and have their pipeline organized.
  • SDRs: Get creative new tactics to build relationships with prospects, consistently hit quota, and how to go through your inbound and outbound leads to book more meetings.
  • Sales Directors: Learn how to lead the sales team by developing and implementing sales plans to increase the company’s revenue and motivating their employees to hit these sales goals.

About the panelists

Conor McGurk

Sales Development Representative

Conor is an SDR at Bloobirds focused on prospecting B2B SaaS companies primarily located in USA/UK markets.

Eoin McCall

Account Executive

Eoin is an Account Executive at Bloobirds. He focuses on high-growth B2B SaaS companies and specializes in the US and Europe markets. Besides Bloobirds, he is an active member of the Barcelona Gaels GAA club and led bootcamps to SDRs along with consultancy work to startups in their outbound strategies

Sebastian Sanders

Head of Business Development

Sebastian is an Account Executive and SDR Manager at Bloobirds. He focuses on high-growth B2B SaaS companies and specializes in the UK and Europe markets. Besides Bloobirds, he has also shared his expertise with several startups looking to grow their outbound teams.

Marcus Castro

Startegic Sales Director

Marcus is Head of Corporate Strategy & Strategic Sales at Bloobirds. He focuses on advising companies on creating dynamic sales strategies. Outside Bloobirds, he has a passion for entrepreneurship – previously owning five restaurants and two food trucks.