How to Manage More Than 20 Sales Reps

Keys to building, running and empowering a growing team

Managing a growing team, while exciting, can also be very challenging. Consistently onboarding new reps is extremely time consuming, keeping everyone aligned and on the same page can become a real hassle, and losing sight of your goals can happen very quickly. Leaders are expected to be well aware of what everyone’s doing – sometimes in different locations, even – without falling into micromanagement and, at the same time, carry the teamwork spirit to avoid unhealthy competition between reps. Sounds exhausting!

Thankfully, Luc Lammers, VP of Sales at Sendcloud, and Pablo Calvo, Head of Sales at PayFit, will join us to discuss the keys to successfully manage and empower a growing sales team. Don’t miss it!

We’ll be discussing:

  • Succesful onboarding and ramp-up
  • How to avoid freeriders
  • Handling an international team
  • Empowering vs micromanaging

Who should join this webinar?

  • Sales Leaders – Get actionable insights on running bigger sales teams without getting lost in the way.

About the panelists

Luc Lammers

VP of Sales at Sendcloud

Luc is VP of Sales at Sendcloud by day, a Bitcoiner by night, and a proud dad full-time. He’s been in tech sales (SaaS) for the last 10 years. My mission at Sendcloud: build a €100M revenue machine (currently leading 100 FTE).

Pablo Calvo

Head of Sales at PayFit

Pablo is a results-driven and people-oriented senior executive, always trying to deliver the best and more efficient solutions to business issues. Having lived in 7 countries, in Europe and America, he tries to keep a global view to achieve daily challenges. With 7 years of experience in the HR digitization sector, he is currently developing the Business actions for PayFit Spain, a revolutionary SaaS that works as an alternative solution that reduces time dedicated to payroll and HR processes.