Elevating Your Sales Game: Productivity Tips for Sales Teams Using Salesforce

As far as CRMs go, Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the market. But, are sales teams using it to its full potential? Chances are, most are missing out on key factors that could take their performance to the next level.

For this webinar, we’ve teamed up with Kimi Katz from Aircall to share the best tips and tricks to turn your Salesforce and your sales team into the ultimate power duo and reach unmatched productivity levels and results.

The topics we discuss:

  • How to properly onboard and train your team to increase CRM adoption and usage
  • Best tools to integrate with Salesforce to increase sales productivity 
  • Expert insights on how to make the most of Aircall and Bloobirds within Salesforce

Who is this webinar for?

Sales & Business Development RepresentativesGet productivity tips to streamline your sales process, close more deals and increase your overall sales. 

Sales ManagersGain insight on how to better track and manage your team’s sales performance and goals.

CRM AdminsDiscover the best tools to supercharge Salesforce for your organization and improve user adoption to drive revenue.

Sales Enablement ProfessionalsLearn best practices to use Salesforce to scale your sales strategy and increase productivity.

Digital Transformation LeadersDiscover how to maximize your Salesforce investment and improve processes, data insights, and productivity to help drive the overall digital transformation of your organization.

About the panelists

Sebastian Sanders

Head of Business Development

Sebastian is an Account Executive and SDR Manager at Bloobirds. He focuses on high-growth B2B SaaS companies and specializes in the UK and Europe markets. Besides Bloobirds, he has also shared his expertise with several startups looking to grow their outbound teams.

Kimi Katz

SMB Account Executive at Aircall

Kimi is an SMB Account Executive at Aircall that has risen quickly through the ranks and thrives at fast-growing SaaS companies. She excels at helping clients connect their business tools and streamline communication with their own customers.