Smart Sales Development – From Pivot to Profit [Webinar]

With early 2021’s growth strategy thrown out the window, it’s time to take back control of your scale using Smart Sales Development. Bloobirds CEO Toni Perez explains how to use fewer resources to build out a quality pipeline, and take actionable steps that set you up for long-term success.

What you’ll gain:

  • Learn how to adjust your prospecting strategy for a shrinking market
  • Updated tactics for your sales development processes and tech stack
  • Find out how to use real-time data as a competitive advantage

Who’s this for:

  • Sales Managers – Gain actionable takeaways for building pipeline and keeping your sales development strategy current.
  • CEOs/Founders – Learn how to break down company objectives into actionable steps for your revenue teams.
  • Sales Operations – Learn how to optimize your sales process and turn data into the insights your stakeholders want.

About the speaker

Toni Perez – CRO at Bloobirds & Co-founder at The SaaS Institute
Having scaled several SaaS ventures to international success, Toni is one of Europe’s most renowned experts for B2B sales, outbound, and marketing. He previously served as CMO and VP of Product at Red Points and Marketing Director at UserZoom.