Your sales tool, now on LinkedIn

Pull contacts’ and companies’ information directly from LinkedIn into Salesforce and carry out your entire sales process without leaving the LinkedIn app.

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Check and update Salesforce without leaving LinkedIn

Bloobirds increases efficiency and productivity for sales teams by eliminating the need for reps to switch between different platforms. Get a quick overview of all details, activities, and opportunities, and you’ll be able to edit any of them without leaving Linkedin.

Get all your tasks done from LinkedIn

No need for memory-based follow-ups by evolving plain task lists into a seamless, automated tracking system all from LinkedIn.

This tool reminds of the tasks needed to complete each day, ensuring all opportunities are followed-up.

Turn your favorite app into a selling tool

Bloobirds turns LinkedIn into the only tool reps need by bringing all communication, productivity, and task management tools where they spend their time.

Call, send messages, create a cadence, schedule a meeting, or schedule an automatic email, all from LinkedIn.

Gather new contacts and companies data in one click

Bloobirds eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically pulling contacts’ and companies’ information from LinkedIn and registering it into Salesforce.

At the same time, all data from contacts and companies that are added directly into Salesforce can also be accessed from LinkedIn, giving reps a 360 view. All of this without changing tabs.

Find your playbook everywhere

Your playbook is on top of LinkedIn and not only that but also inside the app. Whenever you open a chat with anyone, a small Bloobirs’ icon will appear and suggest the best templates that can be used with that specific lead.