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No more tab switching when writing emails, everything you need is just one click away.

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Enhance Communications

Sales and services teams write hundreds of emails per month, but still have to switch between apps to get all the information they require. Our email editor is the contactability tool with a range of features that makes it easier for users to access key information to craft powerful messages.


Get contextual information

Our smart email editor enables you to visualize at a glance the most relevant contextual information and activity regarding the lead:

→  Other company leads’ activity
→  Meetings scheduled
→  Inbound emails
→  Notes taken
→  Correct contact calls

Apply the magic filter to hide irrelevant activities (no answer calls, out-of-office emails…), and only see what’s most important.

See similar won deals

Bloobirds shows you the most similar closed-won deals that are worthwhile to mention as a success story to your recipient.

Deals will be filtered based on:
→  Country
→  Industry
→  Target Market
→  Company size

Playbook templates & snippets at a glance

Playbook templates

→  Check, insert or edit any email templates while writing your email in just two clicks.All templates are filtered automatically, this enables you to see only relevant templates for whom you’re speaking with.


→  Snippets are a lightning-fast way to insert content in your email and find them in just a couple of clicks.

AI-powered content suggestion

Our AI Content Suggestion tool will recommend the best content pieces, according to the message, to make it more relevant.

Those pieces of content can either be:
→  Documents
→  Corporate slides
→  Infographics
→  Collaterals

Enrich your messages with additional and valuable information.

Integrated calendar

Review the free slots in your calendar and attach them to the email directly from the email editor choosing duration, day and meeting title so the recipient can click on it and add it to the calendar directly.

View the available days and hours you have without leaving the email editor.