Task management that boosts productivity

Unleash your productivity potential and achieve sales success.

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Say goobye to manual follow-ups

Get rid of memory-based follow-ups. Turn plain task lists into a seamless, automated tracking system.

Get reminders of the tasks you need to complete each day, to ensure all opportunities are followed up.

Focus on what matters

With the Tunnel Vision mode, work on daily tasks without distractions. Hit the “play/start” and a bubble will show the first task on your list.

Access detailed contextual info of the lead/company without switching apps. Every time a task is completed, the next will show up automatically.

Prospect effortlessly

Cadences and sequences are the solutions to manage and track multiple leads efficiently.

Structure your sales activities into consistent and systematic cadences. Reduce the risk of lead exhaustion and promote successful prospecting.

Craft your own tasks

Customize your cadences to match your sales process. Add any activity you usually do to any of your cadences as a task:

→ LinkedIn profile visits
→ In-person meetings
→ Postal mail

All these activities are easily and automatically recorded.

Keep your database alive

Monitor and manage your inactive or nurturing leads/companies, with no future tasks scheduled.

With the aid of our ‘Wizards’, users are guided through the platform and reminded to reengage with potential contacts that may otherwise be forgotten.

Optimize time management

Streamline your sales operations and automate with workflows some of the daily tasks you need to complete.

Save time on administrative duties and focus on being precise and relevant in your outreach.