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Sales Engagement should be more than email automation + dialer.

Most Sales Engagement provides on top of a CRM, a set of features for creating sequences of mails and calls. Their main goal is to help sales reps do more -quantity-. More emails, more calls.

But they lack something…

Quality and precision

Sales engagement 2.0 like Bloobirds focuses not only on quantity but quality.

What does “Sales engagement 2.0” really mean?

Empowering sales teams to be precise and relevant at scale. Being ultra relevant can be very unproductive, but it converts better. Automation is very productive, but it converts poorly and... it can end up ‘burning the market’.

“Sales engagement 2.0 means relevance and high conversions over (pure) volume of activities”


Through an integrated playbook within the same sales engagement platform.

But wait…What is a playbook?

Processes: How do I assign inbound leads? When should I send a company into nurturing? These processes must be followed closely, something which can't be done in a spreadsheet or stand-alone document. They have to be integrated within the sales engagement tool.



Pre-qualifying and qualifying processes


Discarded and nurturing accounts management

GTM Strategy: What kind of companies do we want to sell to? Who do we want to talk to? Make sure your sales team knows by implementing it into Bloobirds.

Target Market (TM)

Target Persona (TP)

Value Prop by TM and TP

Content: What’s the best messaging to deliver? How do we structure our pitch? Even the best trained SDR will forget pitches and qualifying questions from time to time, especially in complex markets. Avoid this and suggest the best messaging content in real-time.



Sales Collaterals


Analysis Model: A playbook has to offer actionable data that allows you to understand your market. What target personas are easier to contact, which markets offer a higher conversion, which pitch works best, etc. The key is having a good data model and great data collection.

Actionable Data

Conversion Rates

Market Insights

Strategic Metrics

But why is it important to have a digital playbook?

A digital playbook and an assisted experience help sales reps to make better decisions on what to do next and how to do it, so they do the RIGHT things in a precise way (and not only MORE things).

Okay, so I need my playbook to be integrated within my Sales Engagement tool, I got that.
How do I do it? Simple, Bloobirds.

So again,what’s the point of having the playbook integrated within a
Sales Engagement platform like Bloobirds?

Quality and precision.

Having a playbook allows your sales reps to follow the strategy (follow the right process, prospect the right people from the right markets and use the right messaging and content) Most importantly, in real time assistance.

Strategic data.

Your data is segmented by your GTM variables. Instead of just “number of calls made”, or open rates or completed tasks see things like contactability by Target Persona, best bitch by Target Market or most used objection handling. See the difference? See some examples of insights you get with bloobirds

Ex1. contactability by TM and BP means that…

Ex2. relevance by BP and Scenario means that…

Ex3. Is this TM the right one? Are they in the scenarios we convert the most?

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