Your Salesforce is not enough and your data shows it

Most sales teams are given a CRM thinking that’s the one and only key for success. So, when managers don’t get the results they were expecting, they turn to the sellers.

But here’s the thing…

CRMs are not really made for selling

Yes, we said it. CRMs are great for reporting (which is why most managers love them) but they lack basic contactability features, are not user friendly and actually add more workload to reps.

You need the new generation of Sales Engagement

If you want your CRM to be the brains of your Sales operation, you need your reps to actually use it. So why not make that easier for them with a tool that’s made for their specific needs?

Remember, a CRM is only as good as the data it stores. So, unless you want to end up with a very expensive and dangerously inaccurate database, you need to supercharge it with a software that's tailored to your reps' needs.

So, what should a great sales software look like?

With so many out there, you need to look out for the features that will take your team to the next level.

Let’s break it down

It needs to be an ally to the CRM...

An amazing sales software should turn the not very friendly CRM into a tool that’s easy to use and that guides users through every step of the selling process. Plus, it should also have everything reps need under one single platform.

Addictive UX

Contactability tools

Task management

Smart Content Manager

...while making your team productive...

This means more activity and follow ups on leads, opps and accounts that, by the way, should get instantly recorded and synchronized into your CRM, cutting down those time consuming admin tasks that keep reps from actually selling.

Conversational data gathering

Smart alerts


...and providing more and better data...

More quality data equals better insights. So, a great sales software should give you a 360 view of the whole sales process to help you make more and better decisions to make your strategy more efficient.

Actionable Data


Strategic Metrics you can increase revenue.

Your sales software should take the clutter away from the CRM and allow reps to focus on what actually matters: selling.

Guided sales process

Less time spent on admin tasks

All-in-one solution

Bloobirds is the only sales engagement tool that can transform your CRM into what your sales team needs

It eliminates the friction between sellers and the CRM by enhancing it with a set of powerful productivity and task management tools that make it actually useful for them - driving adoption, efficiency and revenue.

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