5 Must-Have Workflows


5 Must-Have Workflows

Find the top 5 workflows every sales team should be using. You'll automate processes that are repeated in daily work and boost productivity.

Your sales team is doing too much manual work and the main problem about it is that it takes them selling time. Workflows enable automating repetitive tasks which increases the sales team productivity. It’s a way of reducing manual and boring tasks and offering efficiency by enabling reps to select enrolment criteria and follow-up actions. All this results in boosting your sales.

In this article you’ll find the definition of what workflows are, what they can help you with, how do they work and the top workflows every sales team should have implemented.

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What’s a Workflow?

What exactly is a workflow?

Workflows are a group of triggers that are executed based on specific criteria you previously define. With this new feature, you will be able to reach a new level of customization that will allow you and your team to get the most out of Bloobirds.

Each workflow is formed by:

  • Triggers: These are basically what causes the workflow to execute. They can be as generic or specific as you want.
  • Filters: They allow you to make your workflows more specific. They can be customized based on each client’s data model.
  • Actions: After we know the object and the information triggered, actions define what to update and how to do it.

Conditions can be included and will allow you to personalize your workflows even more. Filters such as author and status can be found so the overview can be chosen and personalized.

Best workflows

1. Nurturing leads

Choose and assign auto-email cadences for any company that’s on Nurturing status and choose which one depending on the Nurturing reason. Not only that but you could automate a notification for the SDR a couple of months after as a reminder to get to know their situation again.

In this case, a company is now in Nurturing status for X reason, in order to follow up but don’t invest too much of our SDRs time, we’ve automated an auto-email cadence that will be sending an email every week for a month to make sure that the company bears us in mind just in case in the near future they end up choosing us.

2. Starting cadences automatically

An automatic cadence start is a way to manage any sales pipeline. This way, every time a lead is assigned to an SDR, depending on some criteria that can be established, one cadence or other starts. This results in tasks being added to the SDR’s to-do list of the day.

As in the example below, when a company is created and assigned to Conor (one of our SDRs) his own default cadence starts and he’s then able to check if he wants to continue using that one or change it depending on the content downloaded or request done.

3. Updating Target Market or ICP

Updating Target Market is difficult to remember, especially if it’s geographically defined. You’re able to automate a workflow that defines the Target Market depending on which country the company is based.

In the example below you can see that if a company is said to be based in the United States, here at Bloobirds, the Target market will be defined as B2B Tech USA.

4. Notifications popping up

How many times company information has been updated and you missed it? Get an immediate notification if there’s any important information about any company updated.

In this case, Bloobirds informs that a company’s rating has been updated from any other category to the “excellent” one, which means that the company starts to have priority as it fits best the target of the company.

5. Get cadences stopped when an email is received

Make sure companies are not being prospected after they’ve already shown interest in your company or even if you’ve received a “not interested” message from them.

You could also add a notification after the pause and make sure you follow up according to what the lead replied.

Anything else?

Want to know more about workflows? Book a quick call with us and make sure you take advantage of the latest features; all of them have been incorporated thanks to the feedback we receive from our users.

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