Everything You Need to Take your Sales Calls to the Next Level


Everything You Need to Take your Sales Calls to the Next Level

Find everything you need to successfully conquer sales calls. From tips and best practices to the best tech stack in the market.

Discover useful tips and tools for before, during, and after your prospecting calls

Looking into getting great results on your next phone prospecting session? Get ready to go over easy-to-apply tips and tools to master the art of cold calling.

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Telephone Prospecting has entered a new era

Check out these essential prospecting call tips:

  1. Before the call
  2. During the call
  3. After the call

1. Before the call

This is where the “journey” begins

This stage is critical, as it will mark the course of the sale, giving it all the attention and preparation possible because when you start strong, you finish strong. This isn’t always the case in sales, but it will give you a plus when facing the telephone prospecting process.

Pre-call tips

By following them you will feel more confident and prepared to face the key moments of the call. Some tips are:

  • Setting aside a specific time slot
  • Always being positive
  • Following the rule of the 10 seconds

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2. During the call

We now enter the second phase of telephone canvassing—the moment of truth: the actual call. During the prospecting call, it’s important to know how to use the information previously collected to connect with your prospect.

Tips during the call

Here are the main tips we always apply to prospecting calls that help us be succesful in our business:

  • Being without a lot of noise and practicing active listening
  • Strong internet connection
  • Being clear about objectives and don’t give a long pitch

And many others… Want to know some during the call tools? Find them on our complete ebook. *Spoiler alert, Bloobirds and Aircall will be your perfect match 😉

3. After the call

And now we come to the last phase and not the least important. After the call, it’s good to be clear about what happened during the call. It sounds obvious, but it’s important to keep this in mind to know what your prospect’s expectations are, to be able to make a proper follow-up, and to take advantage of what was obtained—both positive and negative—during any of the prospecting calls.

Tips for after the call

From our point of view, the most important points to take into account after a telephone prospect call would be:

  • Report the outcome of the call
  • Set next steps
  • Send a follow-up email

And many other best practices you’ll find in the complete ebook next to some of the essential after the call tools.

As you already know, cold calling is not an easy task by any means. That being said, it’s one of the most effective forms of commercial prospecting if you take it seriously, dedicate the necessary time to each stage, and know what you want to achieve with each call.

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