How Many SDRs Do I Need to Create an Outbound Team?


How Many SDRs Do I Need to Create an Outbound Team?

Not sure where to start with your outbound team? Find out the magic number of SDRs to start your squad.

Two sales development representatives are the magic number.

Here’s why:


The same amount of initial work is required whether you hire one or two employees. However, the pay-off of developing your onboarding program and doing the recruitment process will be double. The same amount of resources input, twice the amount of sales output. 


Starting with two SDRs means more insights and fast. If you hire one SDR and they don’t work out, you can’t be sure what variable went wrong.

If you hire two SDRs, and one excels while the other can’t get off the ground, you know immediately that the market isn’t the problem. In terms of intentional and systematic outbound sales, KPIs should be the top priority. Don’t lose out on the chance for valuable data by only hiring one person. 

Stay Covered

The positives of the eagerness and trainability of an entry-level candidate are off-set by the high chances that it’s just not going to work out. Around 25% of your SDRs won’t make it through the first couple of months because they’re just not the right fit. Plus, you’ll need another SDR to cover any absences/holidays of the other and keep the constant meetings flowing. 

If you can swing it, two is always better than one when it comes to SDRs. Gain insights, revenue, and have a built-in back-up plan. 

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