The State of Revenue Operations in 2021 [Survey]


The State of Revenue Operations in 2021 [Survey]

If you're a revenue operations leader with five minutes to spare, take the 2021 State of Revenue Operations survey to contribute to the benchmarking report.

It’s been a long year.

But one good thing to come out of 2020 will be deep insights into the revenue operations best practices of leading companies.

The founders of the Sales Ops Leaders Slack community have realized it’s time to fill the void of data-backed sales operations benchmarking reports.

So we’ve created a survey for sales operations leaders with that in mind.

Using the insights gathered, we’ll be launching a full report on leading RevOps tech stacks, professional progression, team size and distribution, and projected trends in early 2021.

Who should take the survey?

All revenue and sales operations leaders are welcome to take the survey.

It will take between five and eight minutes to complete and has the option to be completely anonymous.

Who are the founders of the Sales Operations Leaders Slack community?

The founders of the SOL Slack Community have put their heads together to create this survey and will be analyzing the data to help create the one-of-a-kind report.

These expert leaders are –

Kevin Probst – Business Intelligence Manager at Alasco

Marc Gassó –  Director of Marketing and Sales Development at Bloobirds.

Tommy Taylor – International Sales Operations Manager at Lookout

Tom Andrews – Revenue Operations Manager at PassFort

Tarnjeet Nandra – Head of Revenue Operations and Customer Success at AZA

How can I take the survey?

To sum up, if you’re a revenue operations leader with five minutes to spare, go ahead and take the survey now.

You’ll also get early access to this 2021 report.

State of Revenue Operations 2021 Survey

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