What Tech Tools Do I Need as a Remote SDR?


What Tech Tools Do I Need as a Remote SDR?

Being an SDR, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of tools on the market. Check out which tools Seb Sanders, AE at Bloobirds, recommends.

In this video quick answer, Seb Sanders, AE at Bloobirds, shares the SDR tech tools that have proven to be the most useful during his time as an SDR and Account Executive. Here’s what he said – 

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What tech tools can help me manage stress as a remote sales rep?

Krisp makes my life a lot easier, not necessarily in planning my day, but in making sure that I’m less stressed than I need to be. 

I have a young cat who is particularly mischievous and loud occasionally. So having that kind of a block, my background sound is quite useful. 

I’ll also bring into the mix Notion. I think it’s a similar tool to Asana, or we’re using it in a similar way. I know that a lot of our product team and development team are using it to track projects. 

So like you say, Sarah, we’re using it in our sales and marketing teams to deal more with where we’re keeping our content, even what type of content works best for certain ICPs. 

It’s almost a kind of a marketing Playbook or a kind of a battle card for speaking to clients.

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