Using Outbound Sales to Gain More Customer Insights


Using Outbound Sales to Gain More Customer Insights

SaaS is a hyper-growth industry, but closing enterprise B2B sales is a slow process. So, how do you get valuable customer insights right now?

If you’re trying to grow and gain consumer insights in the B2B SaaS market, outbound sales are key. Some of the most powerful software companies in the world, including inbound-king Hubspot, have rapidly scaled up by creating seamless, personalized, and effective outbound plans. 

This is part four of a series of five articles breaking down common problems seen in SaaS. Check out the post below to find out if your product needs outbound sales to come out on top.

You’re Getting Customer Insights at the Very End of the Funnel.

SaaS is a fast-moving market, but closing B2B sales, depending on your target tier, can be a long and intensive process. Why wait until the deal does or doesn’t close to get valuable perceptions from your customers?

Talking to your customers is the fastest way to validate your go-to-market strategy. With outbound sales, you’re going to know what adds value to your product, and what doesn’t, within a few phone calls instead of months down the pipeline.

The early stages of your SaaS are the most crucial. Small, customer-centric product tweaks can build a foundation of trust for long-term loyalty.

Talking to your customers is the fastest way to validate your go-to-market strategy.

For instance, Trello built a fan-favorite by listening to customer feedback from the very beginning. A simple interface and product feature like easy to turn on-off extras came directly from the user’s mouth. Trello’s current 35 million users prove that you’ve got to go straight to the buyer. Outbound is your direct line.

The Fix

Overall, an outbound process will help you nail down pain point questions, targets, product-market fit, and qualification benchmarks early on. It will help you determine the most effective way to reach and communicate with your ideal customer.

An integrated outbound platform turns simple customer responses into accessible and meaningful info. Tools like smart dialer and activity records and stats such as meeting conversion rate, contactability by role, and pitch response rates help you update your ever-evolving market strategy in real-time.

The Takeaway: There’s no time to waste; outbound sales is one of the fastest and most effective ways to gain crucial customer insights.

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