Increase Saleforce adoption in your business

Obtain high-quality data, record activity, and forget about “chasing” after your salespeople. Boost your CRM to increase your team's engagement.

These are the top 3 features loved by Sales Managers

Digital Assistant

Every time a salesperson finishes a task our assistant guides them through activity reporting conversationally. This feature also helps with onboarding new users.

Smart Content Suggestion

Reps get real-time content recommendations based on the context of the account, lead, and/or specific conversation. Provide relevant content to optimize interactions.

Smart Follow-up Manager

Our solution transforms the classic Salesforce lists into seamless tasks that keep your teams updated on follow-ups, meetings, and key dates. Help your team to meet its goals.

“What I like about working with the platform, apart from being assisted daily, is the fact that I can actually measure the quality and success of my pitch. Being able to see my conversion rates from meeting to opportunity, I can see exactly where I need to improve.”

Enterprise (>100 empl.) | G2 user

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“I can completely recommend Bloobirds to everyone who wants to achieve greater results while not compromising on quality. The usage is very easy, their support team is doing a great job and the product is just amazing, which also helps a lot.”

SMB (80 empl.) | G2 user

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“If you have a sales team working from home, you need Bloobirds. Specially if you need to onboard new members to the team. The ramp up period for us is critical and we need a platform that helps reps onboard and learn fast.”

Startup (100 empl.) | G2 user

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“Every organization out there is focused on making a digital transformation. For B2B companies it is a must, but there are still internal challenges in terms of technology and resource priorities.”

Vanessa Piratelo | Global Director of Channel Management

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“Three months after launching a CRM we are still talking about it. We want to stop talking about our CRM and start discussing business and we are still debating about processes, improvements, and data entry.”

Jan Trullàs Vila | Chief Commercial Officer

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