Why choose Bloobirds over Klenty?

Listen, we don't have anything against Klenty. There just might be a better option for your team.

So, what are the differences? 

Klenty defines itself as “an affordable alternative to Salesloft and Outreach”. And although it may seem like a good option for smaller companies, it quickly falls short when teams begin to scale. Features are very limited and it has no native integrations, so it ends up adding more steps to your sales engagement process.

Klenty’s sole value proposition is automation, which might seem practical at first, but may quickly lead to overgeneralization, irrelevance and, eventually, burning the market. A completely different approach is taken by Bloobirds, which focuses on precision and relevance while including automation as an extra feature to boost productivity.

No integrated playbook

Bloobirds digitalizes your entire sales playbook. This means your GTM strategy, processes, value prop, pitches, etc., are live and actionable in a single platform. It helps your reps flow from one job-to-be-done to the next, following your sales strategy, without even realizing it. 

With Klenty, you just get templates you manually have to keep up with. Your playbook probably lives in an old PDF or Powerpoint that your sales reps need to constantly check – if they even do it…-

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Just features, no process

You can’t build your prospecting or sales processes within Klenty, so you just have to trust reps will remember the steps and hope for the best. 

Bloobirds offer an assisted, task-based system that follows the prospecting and sales processes you have defined in your playbook. Reps won’t have to remember anything – the system will guide them through the process, helping them follow your playbook and act as one consistent unit.

Poor LinkedIn integration

Klenty uses third-party apps to connect with LinkedIn and other systems, which results in reps wasting time having to go back and forth from one tool to another. 

Bloobirds has a completely native integration that is built with the prospecting and sales process in mind. With just a click, reps can add new leads straight from LinkedIn to Bloobirds, reach out from either app and access pitches and templates, as well as getting real-time messaging assistance.

If you’re looking for just a dialer and mailer, Klenty might got that covered. 

Nonetheless, operating without a playbook-guided platform makes your team freestyle and improvise, which can lead to lack of precision and relevance

Bloobirds not only has all the contactability tools totally integrated (dialer, mailer and even LinkedIn), but thanks to the pre-built playbook, it actually assists your sales reps and suggests the best pitch, email or qualifying question depending on your strategy and what’s working best. This means your reps will always know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how.

Lack of strategic insights

Klenty is not designed for collecting data, so all you’re going to be able to obtain in the reports are contactability-related metrics like open rates, number of emails sent, number of dials, etc., which are good operational metrics, but add zero value to your sales and business strategy. 

Bloobirds comes with the right strategic dashboards already defined, allowing you to track metrics that actually matter, such as who the top-performing rep is, which buyer persona is the highest converting, or which target market is the easiest to contact.

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Sales reps Never miss another follow-up

What I like about working with the platform, apart from being assisted daily, is the fact that I can actually measure the quality and success of my pitch. By being able to see my conversion rates from meeting to opp, I can see exactly where I need to improve.

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Enterprise (>1000 empl.)

Sales Operations Get all the data you need, at the right time

I can completely recommend Bloobirds to everyone who wants to achieve greater results in B2B Prospecting while not compromising on quality. So, the usage is very easy, the support is doing a great job and the product thinks B2B Prospecting in a new and different way, which we started to like a lot.

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SMB (80 empl.)

Sales Managers Built-In Sales Playbook

When you have Sales Development representatives (BDRs or Inside Sales reps) working from home, you need Bloobirds. Specially if you need to onboard new members to the team. The ramp up period for us is critical and we need a prospecting platform that helps SDRs onboard and learn fast.

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Startup (100 empl.)

Why go with Bloobirds vs Klenty?

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