The outbound sales platform engineered for systematic growth

Integrate your company's strategy and your sales playbook into one platform designed to generate more sales opps

Assisted process

Control & assistance are our core values. Bloobirds assists your team throughout the entire sales journey to make sure that your strategy is being properly executed.

Your playbook in real time

Bloobirds is the outbound platform with a built-in sales playbook that helps your sales team execute by strictly following your company's strategy.

Integrate your favorite tools

Bring your favorite tools onboard. Continue generating leads using your marketing automation tools and managing opportunities with your favorite CRM.

Features that make Bloobirds unique

Drive higher performance at every stage of the outbound sales cycle by implementing methodology through powerful tech.

1. Strategy & playbook definition

Introduce your company’s strategy and sales playbook into our platform. These cover your target market companies, your ideal customer profile, messaging variations, pain-point questions, profiling questions, scenarios, sales cadence, data model, etc.

2. Inbound leads qualification

Get the best out of your inbound without burning leads. Qualifying inbound leads is key to achieving a good conversion rate, and along with Bloobirds’ help, your team can make it happen. You’ll only pass along the most qualified inbound leads to your SDRs, leads belonging to one of your ICPs, while helping them prospect using specific pitches created with activity-based data. This process ultimately increases the conversion rate from inbound lead to a sales opportunity.

3. Target companies creation & assignment

Everything begins here. No matter how good your SDRs are or how many sales productivity tools you have, if the prospected companies are not your real target, your results will suffer.

Qualified company creation

Don’t let individual members of your team decide what the right target market is for you, guide them through the process.

Smart companies assignment

Assign companies to be prospected based on the SDRs’ current pipeline for a better conversion rate.

4. Lead creation: ICPs

The creation of your ideal customer profile (ICP) is just as important as the target market companies. B2B sales is about precision. And Bloobirds allows you to make sure your team is prospecting the right persona through specific guidance when registering new leads into the system.


5. Prospecting and pitching

Once the right leads from the target company are created, it's showtime.

6. Handover:
Meeting creation

Time for the sales team to do their job. Control the quality of the meetings delivered and manage rescheduling. Create meetings directly within Bloobirds and assign them to the right Account Executive on your CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc)

7. Analysis & Insights

Get real and relevant insights into your company; from internal activity such as the number of calls, or emails by SDRs, to external inputs. Spot who’s the best persona to reach out to, the best target market to focus on, and gain visibility into crucial aspects such as contactability.



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