Top Tech Stack Options to Motivate Your SDRs in 2021


Top Tech Stack Options to Motivate Your SDRs in 2021

Discover the pros and cons of leading sales compensation and gamification software to create the perfect stack.

Do you see 20/20 when it comes to choosing the best tech stack to motivate your SDR team? The right sales software tools can help your organization get pumped up day after day to book meetings and build revenue. 

So, where to begin?

In 2020 alone, the market was flooded with many sales compensation and gamification software options. As B2B companies progressively understand the tools available and how to buy them, the barriers to entry are tumbling down. In many categories, it isn’t uncommon to come across a long (almost too long) list of providers.

That’s why Bloobirds has stepped in to give you some guidance. We’ve put together a list of the top 3 options in both sales compensation and gamification software categories. Ready to uncover the tech stack that will help your team break more ground this year?

Let’s jump on in!

How to choose a tech stack to motivate your SDRs

Because a wide variety of software tools are available, parameters such as compensation plans, SDR objectives, and company culture can provide some insight and narrow down options. 

As a sales leader, is your primary concern opportunity driven? Do you want to encourage a more competitive nature among team members – or team building? Do you want to minimize the likelihood of human error in accounting practices related to compensation?

Each SDR team differs from one to the next. Answering these questions can prove valuable in keeping your sales force motivated and churning out revenue. 

Why do I need a sales gamification software program?

The best SDR teams include those who book meetings and ring the bell, then, more importantly, want to undergo the intricate, painstaking process to win again. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to keep sales development representatives in high spirits throughout the year.

The ups-and-downs of any sales cycle take a toll. But with a bit of friendly competition, gamification programs can help you encourage employees to exceed sales goals every time. 

Sales gamification software finds its success in using engaging visualizations of sales numbers and other metrics to rank and reward SDRs for work well-done. By comparing individual salespeople’s performance, sales managers can identify top performers and give appropriate sales incentives.

Gamification programs can help you encourage employees to exceed sales goals – every month.

Gamification features like leaderboards or badges can increase the sense of community and shape company culture. And that’s something that old school sales contests just can’t offer.

Also, sales gamification tools can lead to the adoption of new sales technology, e.g., CRM systems or prospecting platforms. If sales development representatives want their game scores and rankings current, they’ll have to ensure the correct data is in the complementary system that supports the game.

Our top three picks for sales gamification software

1. Ambition

What a befitting name for such a software tool! This is what your SDR team will need if they want to succeed in the coming quarters. Primarily geared towards mid-market companies, that is, between 50-1000 employees, Ambition offers SDRs various competition formats, as well as incentives of all sorts.

You’ll find badges, leadership boards, and easy-to-follow dashboards. Its most promising coaching feature has helped many sales managers work one-on-one with SDRs and create result-driven action plans to improve overall performance.

2. Hoopla

Hoopla is another gamification tool that has us shouting hooray! Its modern, sleek display makes data and stats simple for sales reps to digest. Like Ambition, this program serves mid-market companies.

However, whereas Ambition boasts a unique coaching feature, Hoopla delivers “highly-raved” customer service from the beginning to the end. Plus, for those who want to showcase more personality, Hoopla can be the go-to program to hear a catchy song for every win attained.

3. Spinify

Contrary to its name, this software program will not have you going around in circles. Its straightforward processes help you track the metrics that are most relevant to your specific objectives and KPIs. Real-time key performance metrics will help ensure that your sales team continuously hits and surpasses target goals.

If the program falls short in any area, it is its lack of a lifetime-style achievement system, e.g., a continuous log of wins and events. This detail, although minor, may be relevant for those who want to have the “big picture” of individual salespeople’s performance. 

Why do I need a sales compensation software?

As we mentioned in our SDR comp plan ebook, salary remains high on the list for reasons why a candidate chooses a position or not. If you want to engage your SDR team, you’ll need a mighty sales compensation software program to automate incentivization and accounting processes.

With a sales tech stack tailored towards motivating your salespeople, get ready for team morale and revenue shoot through the roof. 

Such tools not only deliver high-level insights into sales performance but also foster less time-consuming and error-prone accounting practices. Fewer hiccups mean more savings and better employee performance. 

Our top three picks for sales compensation solutions 

1. CaptivateIQ

CaptivateIQ is a leader in web-based sales compensation solutions. With its ability to direct data seamlessly and automatically from Salesforce, the platform is popular among many companies.

The software also features phenomenal customer service and a headache-free experience. The only downfall, if any, is that its user experience could be simplified even more to make the experience smoother. A decent level of familiarity with Excel formulas and coding will be needed if you’ll want to make changes on your own. 

2. Spiff

Time and again, this platform proves essential for many mid-market companies. It connects easily to current systems (CRM, ERP, payment processors, etc.) and dramatically reduces both the workload and errors. Its intuitiveness is so clear that your SDR will have no doubt about upcoming payments.

Like CaptivateIQ, you can count on stellar customer service. However, if you’re looking to manage and sign contracts inside Spiff, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The company is currently working to integrate that functionality for SDR teams.

3. Xactly Incent

Unlike the prior two software tools, Xactly Incent primarily targets companies with more than 1,000 employees. Past and current clients have included world-famous names like Hyatt Hotels, GoPro, and Fico.

Whether it’s the easy-to-understand view of orders and commissions, or active transparency between years, the program promises an overall comfortable experience. Should the tool want to bolster its popularity among users, it would do well to improve its user experience.

The UX/UI layout is not always consistent across different pages and will require you to pay more attention to avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

2021: the year of the SDR team

Now that you’ve gone through some of the top-performing sales gamification and compensation tools for this year, you’re ready to build your own tech stack.

With a stack tailored towards motivating your salespeople, wait and see as team morale and revenue shoot through the roof. 

Of course, if you want to go the extra mile, check out our personalized SDR compensation plan ebook. You’ll discover all the tricks and tips to incentivize SDRs and make sure that you’re maximizing your sales tech stack.

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