5 Reasons Bloobirds Is Built for Managing Remote SDRs


5 Reasons Bloobirds Is Built for Managing Remote SDRs

Here are the five crucial ways Bloobirds platform can help you manage your remote SDR team.

Managing SDRs was already challenging enough, but directing a team of SDRs working from home comes with a whole new set of issues.

Since March, we’ve helped our clients onboard 115 new sales development reps remotely. And we’ve made some major product updates to take Bloobirds; from the platform built just for SDRs to the platform built just for remote SDRs.

Here are the five vital ways Bloobirds platform can help you manage your remote SDR team –

1. Align your strategy with daily activities

Pre-COVID, sales development teams could rely on informal communication in the office and on-the-floor coaching to point the team in the right direction. But to effectively manage a remote SDR team, you need new and improved techniques.

Moreover, strategy as a concept can be vague and difficult to understand. Inexperienced remote SDRs might misinterpret your ideal process and messaging standards. Especially if it’s floating around in different documents in Google Drive.

To manage your reps from afar, you need your best plays and strategies landed in an easy-to-follow prospecting platform. Bloobirds’ Playbook feature puts your go-to-market strategy into a precise framework and context for your reps to easily follow.

Bloobirds sales engagement platform playbook, cadence, qualifying questions feature

As a result, every department – marketing, sales development, closing, and the C-Level – will be on the same page in terms of concepts, keywords, data models, and metrics.

2. Define a work-from-home-proof process

Instead of having the SDRs pick through a list of leads filtered by status; Bloobirds takes control of what to do and how to do it. Our platform acts as a ‘sales development operations director.’

Bloobirds guides both the pipeline management process and the contactability process through a task-based system.

This is how we guarantee that your team follows your go-to-market strategy. Bloobirds defines:

  1. The right target accounts – rated by quality, prioritized, and classified by target market (region, industry, and company size).
  2. The right leads – classified by Buyer Persona.
  3. The ideal active pipeline size.
  4. The right cadence per company or lead, maximizing the probability of correct contact.

Moreover, relevance is key for maximizing conversion rate from conversation to meeting. Bloobirds shows the best content for every situation according to:

  1. Lead – target market, buyer persona, and pain point
  2. Channel – pitch, objection handlers, templates

We’ll help you make sure your SDRs assists in every touchpoint with prospects.

3. Onboard new remote SDRs faster

Bloobirds is an assisted, easy-to-use, all-in-one system – making the onboarding process of each new team member much simpler and quicker.

When you have SDRs working from home, you need Bloobirds.

– SDR Manager, review of Bloobirds on G2.com

Our platform lets SDR managers control their reps’ results, activity, effectiveness, and quality in real-time. For example, find out if your SDRs are following the prospecting cadence in a one-second glance or change your strategy and playbook due to the analysis. Everything is updated instantly, across the board. You can forget about rushing to update old onboarding Google Docs when the new teammate starts.

Bloobirds can make remote onboarding up to two times faster . And with today’s competitive B2B sales playing field, time is of the essence.

4. Keep remote SDRs engaged

Bloobirds platform was built by former SDRs who grew tired of clunky tools and switching back and forth in browser windows.

One of our core product values is to provide an enjoyable experience to the SDRs. We want the users to feel engaged and assisted – instead of constantly asking them to fill out long, boring forms.

Now that you’re competing with Netflix and home chores for your SDRs’ attention; an enjoyable workday experience is more important than ever. Especially when it comes to getting revenue results.

5. Create scalability

And lastly, Bloobirds has been designed for making sales development teams ready-to-scale.

Our platform takes control of sales development operations, drastically reducing the dependency of rep’s results on individual talent or experience. 

You can scale only a predictable sales development system. And to scale predictable revenue remotely, you need a team that works systematically.

Freestyled pitches, half-filled out forms – we all know how difficult it is to get SDRs to follow protocol. Luckily, Bloobirds’ intuitive prompts and friendly reminders guide your sales development reps from one task to the next, helping them act as one consistent unit.

Ready to get started?

Make sure you choose the right platform to skyrocket your remote SDR team. Bloobirds can put you on the right trajectory with our all-in-one prospecting platform customized for B2B SaaS companies with remote sales development representatives.

See Bloobirds in action in a live personalized demo.

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