Who Should Own the Chatbot: Marketing or SDRs?


Who Should Own the Chatbot: Marketing or SDRs?

We asked top marketing managers who should own the chatbot for sales. Find out their opinion; SDRs, marketing, or a combo?

We asked Julia Heesen, Marketing Manager of Predictable Revenue, and AJ Alonzo, Director of Marketing at DemandDrive, to give us their opinions about who owns the Chatbot: SDRs, marketing, or a combo?. Here’s a summary of what they said – 

Ideally, it’s a combo of SDRs & marketing. SDRs and Marketing should work together to get the chatbot playbooks set-up. But as soon as a visitor asks to speak to a real person, SDRs should own the conversation.

The qualification of prospects via chatbot is very similar to phone qualification, so let them do what they do best – qualify.

But also depending on the kind of bots, questions, and challenges your visitors have, it can make sense to have the marketing team take over sometimes.

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